► Braided Leaves – Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Original Written Tutorial: http://www.friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=1484

☼ Material: Six Strand Embroidery Floss

Setup: 1a 2b 1a 2b 1a 2b 1a 2b – 3c 3c 3c 3c

A B and C will mark each of the three sets of four strands

You may make them any color but in the video I have it set as a border- if you want you can use four separate colors or four of the same color for the color sets. It’s up to you.

Each strand will be roughly 70″ (175cm) then folded in half to form doubles.
NOTE: If you have a small wrist 65″ (160cm) may be sufficient.

■ Pattern Instructions:

1a 2b 1a 2b 1a 2b 1a 2b

First we will start with the second from the right and make one forward knot
Second the fourth from the right will make two forward knots
Third the sixth from the right will make three forward knots
Last the very first strand will make four forward knots

Once you set up the strands as stated above it will be easy from here on out

There will be a center set of four strands. This set will change color but never change place. Look at the middle four as “base strands” which will be worked on for the entire pattern.

STEP 1: RIGHT SIDE: Take the first thread closest to your middle set of four strands and make 4 Backward knots. Do this for each thread working from closest to the set to the furthest. It’s essentially a Forward Candystripe.

STEP 2: LEFT SIDE: Take the first thread closes to your middle set of four strands and make 4 Forward knots. Do this for each thread working from closest to the set to the furthest. Again, it’s essentially a Forward Candystripe.

Repeat Step 1 and 2 over and over until desired length is achieved.


♥ Thanks for Watching! ♥


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  1. Oh my lord. This is the cutest pattern ever, may you be blessed with fortune for making this tutorial (lol no I'm not a saint). Is there any chance that you may know the pattern number for this pattern on friendship-bracelets.net ? Thanxxx a ton <3

  2. Is it possible to loosen the strands curved over the sides? Or do you loosen them when you're doing the knots for that row?

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to say that you make amazing tutorials 😀 Thank you so much for taking so much of your time to make tutorials for eager friendship bracelet making learners. I was wondering how you end this pattern before finishing the bracelet. Is there an ending (like how the beginning part is super complicated to make the start of the bracelet), or is it possible to jump right in to tying a knot & ending the bracelet without having to end the pattern? 
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  4. I LOOOOVE your bracelets and tutorials and considering I'm 11 and can understand you shows your a great teacher and i sell the ones i make and i wanted your opinion on how much i should sell this one for

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