► Santa ( Christmas ) Hat – Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

MATERIAL: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss (DMC BRAND)

This is the modified version that is seen in the video:

…and this is the original version it was based off of:

The Beginner Playlist:

Pattern Set Up:

1- Background Color (green)
2- Hat Color (red)
3- Hat Trim (White)

Set Up: 12 13 12 13 12 1

Each string should be about 65″ (inches) long.

NOTE: There will be “half strings” in this bracelet. Fold all of your full strands and then cut the extra strings half the size of your folded ones- tie them all together and you will have an odd number of strings.

¤ The cardboard loom may be useful for starting this bracelet.


You will be leaving out the last string for each odd numbered row and will be leaving out the first string for each *even numbered row.

Row 1: fk/bk fk/bk fk/bk fk/bk fk

* Row 2: bk bk bk fk bk/fk

Row 3: fk/bk bk bk bk/fk fk/bk

* Row 4: bk/fk bk bk/fk bk/fk bk/fk

Row 5: fk/bk bk/fk fk/bk bk/fk fk/bk

* Row 6: bk bk bk bk/fk bk/fk

Row 7: fk/bk bk bk bk fk/bk

* Row 8: fk/bk bk/fk bk/fk bk/fk bk/fk

Row 9: fk/bk fk/bk fk/bk fk fk/bk

* Row 10: fk/bk bk fk bk bk/fk

Row 11: fk/bk fk/bk fk fk/bk bk

* Row 12: fk fk bk/fk bk/fk bk/fk

Row 13: fk/bk fk/bk fk/bk fk fk/bk

* Row 14: bk/fk fk/bk fk bk/fk bk/fk

Row 15: fk/bk bk/fk bk/fk bk fk/bk

* Row 16: bk/fk fk/bk bk bk/fk bk/fk

Row 17: fk/bk fk/bk bk bk fk/bk

* Row 18: bk/fk bk/fk bk/fk bk bk

Row 19: fk/bk fk/bk fk/bk bk bk/fk

*Row 20: bk/fk bk/fk bk/fk fk fk

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12 Replies to “► Santa ( Christmas ) Hat – Friendship Bracelet Tutorial”

  1. this will help me with my stall at my school's Christmas fair Christmas accessories

  2. First let me say you are an awesome instructor. Following your videos has allowed me to do really cool bracelets. I have been trying to do pattern A46354 from friendship braclets.net, I just can't get it. Would it be possible to do a tutorial for this video. My husband is a fan and I want to make this for him. I'm making the Santa hat bracelet for my son.

  3. love it love all your tutorials, i can follow you, your a very good teacher. lol thanks

  4. You should do more friendship bracelet videos with friendship bracelets that have little pictures on them. For example flowers, moons, suns, etc.

  5. Do you think it would be possible to make a border on this bracelet?  I want to put a gold border along it but I don't even know if this is possible?  I feel like it would mess up the pattern, Thanks!

  6. I wanna to know how many green,red and white for this? Cause i was confused.

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