☆GLAM July☆ Summer Essentials

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Music is Aura from Approaching Nirvana
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19 Replies to “☆GLAM July☆ Summer Essentials”

  1. I sometimes purchase (or receive) a high end mascara. After the mascara has finished or dried up I clean and try to sterilize it and then just use some cheapo drugstore brand mascara like NYC as the old mascara's "new" ink. I know it's not the most hygienic but it surprisingly still works like the old mascara. Done this with my old Lancome one. Has anyone else tried this?

  2. My all time favorite video of yours I watch this one all the time I think it's so cute and girls and I don't even have those products

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  4. but if u think about it youtube gives u a ton of money plus they have online stores and stuff and theyre youtube job is about beauty so it makes sense

  5. I bought the bigger Chi and my dog chewed the bottle up and spilled the product everywhere! I was soo mad.

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