✨Magic ICE WATER Cake & 7-Minute Frosting | Mennonite Community Cookbook – Retro Recipe

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This beautiful vanilla layered cake is made with ICE WATER and frosting in 7 minutes! Let’s do this.

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00:00 Intro
0:15 Talking recipe.
0:39 Mennonite Community Cookbook.
2:03 Beaten egg whites.
2:27 Creaming shortening & sugar.
2:38 Cake flour, salt, & baking soda.
2:56 Ice water & spotting the meniscus.
4:04 Adding egg whites.
4:58 Filling the cake pans.
5:10 Baking instructions.
5:37 7-minute frosting.
5:44 Double boiler explaination.
6:09 Sugar, water, cream of tartar, corn syrup, vanilla.
7:47 Ooo la la.
8:13 My e-guide!!!🌱🍅🥕
8:53 Leveling the cakes.
9:24 Parchment squares keeping things tidy.
9:46 Frosting!
12:03 Slicing!
13:08 Tasting da cake.

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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound and ‘Sprightly’ from iMovie. You’ve made it to the end – welcome! Comment: “Whip it, whip it good.”

19 Replies to “✨Magic ICE WATER Cake & 7-Minute Frosting | Mennonite Community Cookbook – Retro Recipe”

  1. My GRANDMOTHER makes this frosting to go on angel food cake. 😂 I associate this with angel food.

  2. I looked for this ice water cake and 7 minute icing but couldn't find it on your website.

  3. Drinking game every time Emmy says glossy or icing take a shot 4 minutes is way too long to talk about how icing looks I'm amazed at how this recipe got stretched out into content that was more than 5 minutes long

  4. Seven-minute frosting was my grandmother’s go-to frosting for most of her adult life. When I was a kid, I had countless pieces of cake covered with it. I never really thought about it being different from any other frosting until I was an adult and I wondered why I never saw cakes with that uniquely textured frosting. My grandmother had died and I had no idea what that sort of frosting was called to be able to look it up (this was pre-Internet so there were no search engines). My dad had no idea what that frosting was called, either; he had never heard his mother call it anything but "frosting."

    One morning, I was watching some morning program and a chef was on making a cake. She made a seven-minute frosting and I immediately noticed that the final result looked like one of my grandmother’s cakes. I was in college so the next time I was in the big university library, I found where the old cookbooks were shelved and looked up "seven-minute frosting" in a couple of them. The recipes were all pretty much the same so I wrote one down and tried it out not too long after that. It was perfect, tasting exactly like what I remembered.

    One thing I remembered my grandmother doing was covering angel food cake with a seven-minute frosting and then covering the frosting with flaked coconut. It stuck really well to the frosting and was cemented in place quite nicely when the frosting would set.

  5. From what I can tell, this is essentially Swiss meringue. Love it when something is both a fancy culinary skill and a traditional baking tip.

  6. When I was a kid my mom would make me a dark chocolate cake from scratch with 7 minute frosting. She didn’t use cream of tarter though. It was soooo good. After sitting a bit the frosting got a bit crisp on the outside, while staying gooey underneath. Delicious.

  7. Absolutely beautiful looking cake! Tip: Put thicker layer on the bottom. You always want gravity working with you rather than against, if your layers are uneven you run the risk of them sliding apart, and the heavier top layer might squish out too much of the midlayer goodness.

  8. I used to make 7-minute frosting all the time when my kids were little, some 40 years ago, but I’ve forgotten about it. I’ll have to return to it. It always reminded me of marshmallow fluff somewhat.

  9. Love it! Keep sharing your videos please 😉 I am subscribed ❤️

  10. I kinda like when that type of frosting hardens a bit and sets. Ends up being almost a bit crispy on the outside.. like a candy coating. More resistance to the tooth, but still fluffy inside. Very satisfying mouth-feel. Mmm!!

  11. my wondering is what would happen if you added coconut to the frosting. looks delicious!

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