???? Eel Fishing With Eggs and Cooking Japanese Grilled Eel Rice in Miniature Kitchen ???? ASMR Cooking

Hello World, I’m Food Lover and Miniature Lover, my name is Clover ????

Today I bring to you AMAZING video. I will show you fishing eel with egg and cooking Japanese Grilled Eel Rice. Let’s watch !
Timestamps below to jump to part that interest you :
0:00 | Fishing mini eel !
0:25 | Cooking Japanese Grilled Eel Rice in my Miniature Kitchen
3:15 | Mukbang Time, enjoy my friends !
???? Cheers
Ingredients I used to make Grilled Eel Japanese style , best miniature grilled eel rice of the world in this video :
Eel, Salt, Lime, Unagi sauce, rice, water, shrimps, egg, salt and some seasoning.

I Love Food, Food and Food and Miniature and Cooking and Asmr . So I create this channel to share my video cooking DELICIOUS FOOD in my MINIATURE KITCHEN with you.
Let’s watch and tell me why you LOVE my video ma friends !
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  1. Cuz of you I can cook now yesterday I made some good pasta ????

  2. Интересно узнать что как вы делаете эту еду и как вы ей насытайтесь она же маленькая

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