10 Organizing Home Hacks – *NEW* Dollar Tree Organization!

10 Home Organization Hacks that are fast and easy! Get organized with these *NEW* Dollar Tree Organizing Hacks! Thanks to HelloFresh! Use code CLUTTERBUG16 for up to 16 FREE MEALS + 3 Surprise Gifts across 6 HelloFresh boxes plus free shipping at https://bit.ly/3EojyW3 !

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 DIY Bathroom Wall Organizer
01:31 DIY Office Organizing Tower
03:51 DIY Jewellery Organizer
05:28 Fruit Counter Organizer
06:32 Veggie Wall Organizer
09:37 Shower Organizer
10:45 DIY Tiered Shelf
12:07 Shoe Organization with Buckets
13:01 DIY Toilet Paper Holder
13:51 Scarf Storage
14:31 End Story

19 Replies to “10 Organizing Home Hacks – *NEW* Dollar Tree Organization!”

  1. I just have to say, I love everything about you lol – thanks for the awesome video!

  2. I really enjoyed watching your Diys. So many good ideas! Love the fruit & veggie holders. I could use some of them.

  3. Great idea. Maybe even tea hooks instead of stapling the baskets in. This would allow removing, carrying to. where you will work, even rinsing in plastic basket too.

  4. Love the shower caddy idea. All these ideas are great! You are just awesomeness wrapped in sunshine. I actually found your channel through watching do it on a dime. ❤️ That Katherine too.

  5. This was a treasure of great ideas! And what an awesome group of ladies! Some of my favorite people!

  6. OK…The little tiered sink organizer is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I will have one of those made before this week is out!

  7. So many great and beautiful ideas 😊 That must have been great to meet all those lovely talented youtubers

  8. I've done this in my shower. FYI, the metal shower rings rust. I swapped them for the plastic ones. Instead of stacking them, I have them individually side by side inside the shower curtain hanging from the rod.

  9. Cool DIY's. =)
    That's really cool that you met all those wonderful You Tubers. =)

  10. Cas, you are the best! You are so creative, inspiring, and all-around amazing! I look forward to every new video and podcast you post.

  11. Aw, that's so sweet to hear about Kathryn from Dime. I'll bet THEY were just as excited to meet the very fun and kind YOU!

  12. Thanks!! I love the bag in the shower. Needed a new storage solution for the kids toys!

  13. When I saw that you all got together, my heart did a happy dance. I love seeing women supporting women and I think you are all the bees knees!

  14. I love diys, but I'm wondering if it adds too much clutter to my home. you always seem to have a blank perfect spot to hang it. I think that's my problem. too much

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