10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Do In Summer

There are Elegance & Etiquette mistakes you might be making this summer! I’m revealing 10 mistakes that you can correct instantly after this video if you want to be more ladylike.

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20 Replies to “10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Do In Summer”

  1. We own a sailboat and it is actually important to wear boatshoes or other nonmarking shoes while sailing. It's too dangerous to move barefoot on the boat while sailing, especially when it's quite windy.

  2. Finally! Was beginning to feel like a fish out of waterπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks for featuring plus size ladies in your photos in this video

  4. What should I take with me to someone's house
    I think food used to be a safe bet
    But now with people different dietary needs it's not

  5. beautiful vedio anna we mess you and need more videos about the is summer love you ❀️

  6. Women wear tight shorts under the skirt nowdays or other underclothing. See for example Skims of Kardashians.

  7. in all your videos you do gift or a treat which i really appreciate it Thanks πŸ™‚

  8. I love anna so much.. i am more elevated now in terms of clothing myself and other aspects of my life.. and now i love clothes so much that it selling elegant clothing from respected brands became my business in canada

  9. Totally agree about Mykonos, I’m not saying anything is wrong with it per se, but so many other places in Greece are more beautiful, more friendly and have better beaches! πŸ’™πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

  10. Anna can you make another summer staples I would really like to see more inspired outfits coming from you πŸ’›

  11. Anna, you are not an influencer to me. You are an elegance expert and Etiquette guru! Great tips. I will have to implement them myself and see what I'm doing wrong.

  12. in regards to the sun hat…just to let you know if you visit florida..feel free to wear it until 8:30 pm..because the sun will be shining very bright until that time….better protect your face from sun😊

  13. With the pulling down of short body con dresses I’d also add shorts anything that rides up causes chafing and need constant adjustment.

  14. Yes! My favorite tip for elegant ladies and gentlemen is to ALWAYS bring something nice to share or a gift to the host! I sometimes wondered why nearly all my European and Hispanic friends knew this tip when they would attend my dinner parties and I appreciated those gestures very much since I always like to do the same!

  15. Hi Anna, I love this! Can you please give examples of appropriate gifts to give a host? For example, if you can’t afford an expensive bottle of wine, are you better going for a beautiful box of chocolates rather than a low range bottle? Or does price not matter? I’m 100% on board with bringing gifts, I’d just love some guidance on how to do it politely on a budget whilst being appropriate/not cheap. Thank you!!

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