10 Things That BROKE My Natural Hair OFF! | TYPE 4C

Natural Hair breakage happens when you neglect your hair. In this video I am going to share with you 10 things that broke my natural hair off that I want you to be aware of when going on your journey.

Maintaining your type 4c natural hair can be easy if you are aware of these 10 things:

1. Rubber Bands or any accessory that can damage your hair.

2. Letting people do your hair when they don’t know how. You need to speak up!

3. braiding your own hair? Yes that can be a big one. You don’t realize your breaking your hair off as a amateur braider until its to late.

4. Not using the proper tool for YOU when it comes to detangling your hair. Im not saying finger detangling is bad. However if its not for you don’t force it.

5. Moisturizing is key for natural hair. If you don’t do it, don’t be surprised if your hair breaks off.

6. Protective styles can save your hair from breakage by keeping your hair protected!

7. However, not everything is for everyone so if your hair doesn’t agree with a style make that executive decision to “X” it out!

8.Keep your hair organized when detangling or working with your type 4 crown.


10. Your hair will reflect they way that you feel about her. If you think your hair is ugly she will infect be ugly. Change your thinking and the look of your hair will definitely change!

Comment down below some more tips or experiences!


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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a TWA?
TWA stands for Teenie Weenie Afro.

Where is bear?
If bear is not in a video its because he is usually off on a date or sleeping.

What camera are you filming with?
Canon T5i, if you are just starting off i say go for the rebel series just make sure you got the “i” series because it has a flip around screen.

What type of hair do you have?
Type 4a in the front. Type 4b on the sides. Type 4c in the middle and a little sprinkle on the sides. This is why I just refer to myself as just type 4.

What are you listening to?
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10 Replies to “10 Things That BROKE My Natural Hair OFF! | TYPE 4C”

  1. Ur mum sounds like my mum she permed my hair at 10 🤦🏽‍♀️😅😐

  2. I've been braiding hair since I remember and believe it or not today is the first time I even hear of cornrows having a pattern, I know a lot, but so little.

  3. My mom just offered to help me with my hair and i panicked 😭😭💀 i did it myself

  4. It’s so funny to me how so many of us have had the same issue with our moms😂😭they be using the thinnest toothed comb to detangle and style, than when she’s done your heads throbbing and there’s a pile of hair on the floor.

  5. You is sooo true 👍thanks for sharing your honesty videos 📹

  6. In all honesty, im still develiping the confidence to rock my hair. Low key i dont like the fact that its fine strand dense 4c, pops off easily and shrinks so much. I low key hate that it can appear so dry sometimes and im over here trying with these thinning edges. Its growing tho and im grateful but its a journey to loving all of her, i dont hate my hair dont get me wrong but these r some of the things i really dont like abt it.

  7. Number ten should be number one sis #🔑 point when embracing & embarking this natural hair journey 😍✨ “look at that it just popped out on its own “🤣🤣🤣 I love you

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