10 Warning Signs Your Pet Needs Help Right Now

In case you love your pets and want to take good care of them and keep them healthy, pay attention to even the slightest changes in their behavior and take necessary measures immediately. For the sake of your pets and to protect them, keep an eye out for these 10 warning signs your pet needs help.

Coughing 0:53
Vomiting 2:02
A swollen belly 3:02
Lethargy 4:26
Abnormal restlessness 4:46
Unexplained weight loss 5:31
Excessive licking 6:21
Urinating more or less frequently 7:13
Hair loss or itching 8:22
Lack of appetite 8:54


-Kennel cough can be more serious for puppies, kittens, and breeds with pushed-in faces because their face shape may cause additional breathing difficulties.
-Vomiting can stem from gastrointestinal illnesses, pancreatitis, kidney disease, or parasitic infections. Blood in the vomit is a major red flag that could indicate your pet has gulped down a sharp object that’s irritating its stomach.
-Undiagnosed abnormal swelling in the stomach could potentially be life-threatening as it puts additional pressure on the chest cavity and makes it hard for your dog or cat to breathe.
-Weakness or lethargy in dogs and cats usually accompanies all kinds of infections and serious diseases like diabetes, hypoglycemia, and anemia.
-If your dog or cat is being anxious or looks scared for no reason and is constantly pacing, shaking, or whining, this can point to a range of health issues including mange, rabies, Cushing’s disease, or heart problems.
-If your dog or cat has lost 10% of its normal body weight, it could be a sign of a serious issue, such as a metabolic disorder, kidney or liver problems, neuromuscular disease, or cancer.
-The most common reason why your cat or dog is excessively cleaning the same spot could be from pain or itching caused by fleas or an allergy.
-If your pet is peeing more frequently than it used to, it can be a sign of diabetes.
-If your cat or dog starts losing hair on or around its ears, this can be a sign of fleas, ticks, ear mites, or mange.
-If your pet hasn’t touched their food for more than 24 hours, it can be a sign of stress, pain, or fever.

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27 Replies to “10 Warning Signs Your Pet Needs Help Right Now”

  1. My Biggle Sddenly Feels Pain, Puzzled Where? No Vet Near, i've Touching His Whole Body but Nothing

  2. I have a dog he was 5moths old, he was not feeling well. I saw the unusual sign to my dog to think that he was sick, he avoid us and he is not eating unlike before he will jumping while I preparing the food for him. I watch in youtube for remedy for my dog and symptoms like him. I try to give him a water with dextrose powder, egg, yakult. I give him a force feed because he's not eating for 4-5 days. He accept the remedy slowly but still he's not eating also theirs a time he try to not avoid us. But still I'm concern in his eyes having red vein its look like to our dog who past away. I hope he will recover.

  3. Our dog is immortal, whenever our dog eats something toxic, she is completely fine!
    see? immortal dog!

  4. Michael Wilson that he has a dog called Lucky the elves lived the cat you're out with the cat in now is his the dog is about 118 years old then you will live shorter that means 6 years after he returns to 100

  5. Reverse sneezing is a trait in some Chihuahuas. It happens when they become excited. It is normal.

  6. Hey my dog had a loss of appetite after surgery and well he is healing he eats twice a day but only when we put chicken in his food should I be worried

  7. Great info! Please edit to add ascites (fluid trapped in the belly) as a result of abdominal swelling. If a dog's belly swells to look like it is whelping, & that change happens overnight, your poor pupper may have liver disease.

    Liver disease can be caused by many different things. It is always an emergency/ urgent care issue. Untreated, liver disease can significantly shorten your pet's life, because it's progressive. Your pet will need dietary support, as well as daily meds. It should NEVER be a wait & see scenario.

  8. I took a cat, Jordan, off the streets, and while he was otherwise a sweet-tempered, affectionate kitty, he didn't play with toys or chase the laser pointer. When I mentioned this to the vet, she looked very concerned…and she was right to, because he had two tumors; one in his abdomen, and the other under his tongue. The one in his tongue was cancerous, and I lost him after only seven months.

    It doesn't even have to be sudden lethargy…just a lack of interest in playtime can mean something is wrong.

  9. Panting a lot, but no indication of any outward cause of pain, could be anxiety or heat, don't know

  10. Rabys is caused by ???? so if dog attacks one soon it will make your dog restless , and take it to the vet

  11. Owning a dog will gives you heartbreaking feeling atleast once.. My dog ran way and we found him after 4 days after long searching.. I didn't ear and sleep and reduced two kg's and cried like never before.. Do not love dog more than anything u can't handle the pain if something happened to your pet..

  12. My dog ate 2 full grapes once and my mom was just like: im not paying 200$ for something thats not my fault, all the vet budget is gone cause of your cat. Let the dog deal with it, lol

  13. my beagle luna has been licking in one spot it looks cute but i feel lick something is wrong with her, my parents refuse to take her to the vet and she bites lots of spots on her body and i cant tell if she has fleas or not so i asked my dad for a flea killing spray and he bought it but my dad and mom say to spray her later, the thing is i have no idea how to use the spray its vet's+best home spray

  14. One of my cats itched it’s chin to where it needed medicine on it he scratched almost all the fur off it! I still wonder till this day, why?

  15. Also Greyhounds susceptible to GDV. I’ve been through that. It’s a rush to the animal ER.

  16. Hey does anyone know what breed that black dog is at 0:57? My dog looks exactly like him and I wish I knew what breed she is

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