11 Signs a Woman is Trying to Seduce You

Are you wondering how to tell whether a girl likes you? These simple signs reveal if a girl is trying to seduce you.

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12 Replies to “11 Signs a Woman is Trying to Seduce You”

  1. All good info, but NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!. If you like someone at work. FORGET IT. Just don't even try. If you like your neighbour…FORGET IT. Leave it alone FOREVER. Unfortunately, woman are pretty much off limits anywhere except in social situations such as; Non-work parties, Night clubs (Oh Dear God, don't go alone!!!) Pubs (Again, don't go alone), maybe a beach party, events like fairs, house parties etc. If your ugly like most of us, it will take some time. I am not saying give up hope, but BE VERY CAREFUL, woman trigger and can go balistic on your ass in a millisecond. Just take it easy and take my advice. Let her make the first move. Don't rush it. Make sure you are direct. Say things like, "Do you want to have dinner? Because I want to get to know you better, if not, no worries". Other piece of advice. And this is very important. Unless you are Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp, Woman HATE agressive guys. CHILL OUT, put your hormones in a bag and kill them. Keep cool, be confident. But be smart.

  2. This is bs and men had enough of it. We can’t be the only one and approaching. Its time for women to be direct and approach the men they like. I am not buying it anymore.

  3. Women are strange and complicated. I kind of wish I was gay so I didn't have to put up with this.

  4. Great Content! I know that if you’re a dude, you’re probably thinking – wouldn’t it be a lot easier if she just came out, and say something?

    And you’re right, it would make life a lot easier. But you, and I already know that’s not how a woman’s mind work! Most women will never be that direct with you.

    She’ll always leave you clues, or give you signals that she likes you. It’s up to you – the dude to pick on her signals…

    and make a move, or else she’ll give up, and just move on to the next guy who’s not as clueless! Cheers!

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.
    -Carlos Verde – Dating Tips

  5. All I got to say is wrong wrong and wrong 11 times wrong you people stupid most women today are cold calculating and disrespectful if they pay attention to you they're only after one thing and one thing only and that's whatever you have they don't care about you emotionally physically or mentally only what they can get from you and if they can make you think that they're interested in you for all the other reasons they're lying to you because that's the way it works for all the ladies out there guys aren't much better they do basically the same thing only their mind is usually in the gutter and wanting sex unless you have money then it's sex and money but it's all calculated risk it's all brain chemistry one predator praying on the other if they're paying attention to you it's on purpose and all the subtle stuff is called and calculated

  6. 2:36 1. Checking you out

    3:12 2. Touchy-feely behavior

    3:51 3. Curious attraction

    4:33 4. The best worst jokes

    5:06 5. Windows to the soul

    5:39 6. Closing the distance

    6:26 7. Electric tension

    7:19 8. It's written on her face

    7:56 9. Subtly seductive signals

    8:53 10. Flirtatious opportunities

    9:42 11. Taking the plunge

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