#12 The Pomp & Cinnabun Hairstyle Tutorial

A simple combination of the pompadour and cinnabun hair style. This will take you no more than 10 minutes to do. Shout out to motorcitymoxie for the cinnabun tutorial.

20 Replies to “#12 The Pomp & Cinnabun Hairstyle Tutorial”

  1. Just hopped on to look for any quick updos and I found your vid. Simple and cute. Thanks a bunch 🙂 just subscribed 2 u

  2. Now that your hair is much longer, do you do this style anymore? If so, could you do an update video?

  3. This came out really nice. Great job girl. Oh the gospel music sounds good there 😉

  4. I love this style. I ususally leave it in for about a week after a week old twist out. I was so happy when I was able to do this style. Right now it's my favorite protective style.

  5. vERY niice Vido….n ur right the green ECO gel dnt flake but the white and pink does……i like dis style…thnks for sharing and i love ur music choice… 🙂

  6. oh my gosh! thank u so much for doing this vid! and it was actually simple to do for once!!! 😀

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