I’m someone who loves facts and “did you know’s” (it’s why Kathryn from DoItOnADime recently dubbed me “Fact-y Kallie”). And, because I share a lot of content about organizing and decluttering, I’ve read A LOT of studies and articles about how clutter impacts us, our home, our lives and more. So, I wanted to share what I think are some of the most shocking clutter stats and surprising facts about clutter that you maybe didn’t know. Prepare to have your mind blown.


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  1. Your facts help me a great deal in getting rid of things that burden my life. No one needs more stuff than they can enjoy. Thank you thank you thank you.😊

  2. I think it was about 10 years, a University in England did a study of men and womens' brains. It found that womens' are wired for multitasking. Whereas men were wired for singular focus. It may help to explain why men do not see rhe clutter. That isn't their particular focus at the moment.

  3. Thanks to you and Cas from Clutterbug, I’m becoming more organised and a constant de-clutterer, work in progress though, but my stress levels are much lower – thank you

  4. It's kind of weird how people need such big homes. We have a 1,400sq/ft home with 3 kids and I feel like we have a ton of space. With bunk beds, we could raise 8 kids in this house.

  5. TRUE! Everything you said was totally true it's a hard slow task but I'm doing this and it's hard needless to say VERY HARD! Thanks for this. <3

  6. Whew! Oh gosh I started breathing heavy just listening to how much clutter stresses us out! 😆

  7. You are describing my life. The problem is, I have ADHD so executive function is difficult when things are overwhelming. I really feel of I had someone to come help me and talk me through it when I get overwhelmed I would be able to accomplish so much. My husband is definitely not that person. 😭

  8. In my home my husband hates clutter. He does not like going around or stepping over stuff. He was always after our boys to pick up their toys. He does not like a sink full of dishes. He is actually neater than I am. I can look at clothes on the couch for days or shoes by my chair. He takes off his shoes and puts them where they belong. I have clothes laying on the foot of the bed. He puts his up. He hates it. He grew up in a very neat home. My Mom cleaned but she was not a fanatic about it. My home is 1600 sq.ft. Raised 3 sons there. Only 3 bedrooms And 2 baths. Was Very crowded. Our 32 year old son is exactly like his Dad. He had to share a room with a messy brother. It was a fuss everyday.

  9. American houses are a lot bigger than ones in the UK.

    In the UK a lot of houses don’t have a utility/laundry room, so the washing machine has to be used in the kitchen.

    A lot of people in the UK are obsessed with putting washing on the line. If they do have a tumble dryer they usually use it when it’s raining. Not me, I use mine all through the year.

  10. I’ve been selling my extra stuff at a local flea market when I can. Made $100 last Saturday in just 3 hours. I do that periodically and then donate the leftovers to Red Cross. They pick it up at your door and I’m so happy to help disaster victims.

  11. Love facts! haha. Thanks for sharing. Makes total sense! Our spaces are a reflection of ourselves and directly impact our mental state.

  12. OK, what is the fact for the girl who is organized, goes grocery shopping for the 4th, thinks to herself, good on ketchup, relish….mustard, not sure so grab one just in case. Girl gets home opens cabinet to put mustard away and there are 3 looking back at her (and one in the fridge!!) Age? Still disorganized? Has a love for mustard LOL! It's funny, even though I feel like I have the clutter and cleaning under control I am still drawn to watching every video. You can never learn enough!!

  13. Love your videos 💕 love love love your reliance on research and science behind it all! Now a general correction. Research studies can "find significant support" for something, but they can't "prove" the thing unless they are looking at an entire population of the thing observed or there is no measurable variation or fluctuation in the thing. Great video!!!!!

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