13 WEIRD but *GENIUS* Dollar Tree Home Hacks! 🤯

Hey, guys! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite home hacks from Dollar Tree for 2022. Which is your favorite?

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26 Replies to “13 WEIRD but *GENIUS* Dollar Tree Home Hacks! 🤯”

  1. Hello Katherine. We use the mini snap containers for small FIRST AID KITS for the homeless. My friend made about 50 of them and donated them to my ministry. The kit included band-aids, alcohol wipes, gauze, and she cut and filled straws with antibiotic ointment and melted the edges with a lighter to close. Our outdoor friends LOVED them.
    God bless you!

  2. Yes, the mouthwash soap dispenser and mini shot cups! I am going to do this! It's an awesome idea!
    We had some family health issues but I am back! I had to SUBSCRIBE again, no idea what happened and why I was not subscribed…but happy to watch your videos after so long.
    GOD BLESS YOU! THANK YOU KATHERINE. Your sons must be so big now, can't wait to see them. So sweet.
    Peace, Lynne 🍃💜🍃

  3. Decks of cards and crayons come IN A BOX. Why buy more earth-destroying plastic to store them in? Ugh.

  4. This segment was so fun to watch and hilarious..yes!I will be looking for those new items. Thanks for sharing..😀😄🎵🎼

  5. To whoever is reading this Jesus loves you and he’s coming soon. All you need to do to be saved is believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins was buried and came back to life on the 3d day confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and you’ll be saved. Today is the day of salvation tomorrow is not promised and you don’t want to miss the rapture it will be so bad like nothing ever seen before on earth. God bless

  6. The little plastic cups work great for BBQ's!! Put them by the veggie tray with ranch or other dressing. Keeps the mess to a minimum. You can also add the veggies to the cups after you put the dressing or dip in them. Even less mess!

  7. I love you Katherine but I’m not buying from dt because there stuff aren’t that good

  8. I love your crazy hacks my husband like a video with using the broom handle and broom wall mounts as curtain rods. He jumped up and disappeared for 20 mins lol came back with black out curtains for his office..so funny

  9. I absolutely love your channel!!! And the way you end each one is so sweet….todays world there aren’t enough of people telling people they are worth anything so I applaud you for making that the last of your videos….I also follow a fellow tumbler maker who does the same thing and I love it….(I am chronically sick-AKA a spoonie and the only time I am allowed to leave my home is for doctors, test, treatments and infusions) so sometimes on bad days I watch your videos just to feel normal and hear then ending! Thank you!!

  10. As always I absolutely ♥️ your videos! Thanks for always sharing such great content. And totally love your outfit… So adorable!

  11. I have one of the vinegar/oil containers from dollar tree for mouthwash. It works great!

  12. There is nothing more perfect than a Do it on a dime Kathryn video. I don't know how you do it Kathryn, but I love coming to your corner of the internet to enjoy your videos. They bring me so much joy and positivity.

  13. Lol my bird freaked out from the alarm. I bet that would be a perfect warning system. 🙂

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