15 Minute Recipe: Pasta Primavera

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20 Replies to “15 Minute Recipe: Pasta Primavera”

  1. I absolutely LOVE pasta like this, it's so nice and light with all those fresh veggies! I could eat this every day ????

  2. It's beautiful! Your finishing touches are charming. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  3. Love you to bits Laura but (and I know this isn’t relevant to your cooking which is always off the scale awesome), your eyebrows are a tad fierce… sending massive love from the uk xx

  4. Yay, Laura! Let's keep these 15 minute recipes for busy people going!

  5. That looks good. The best meals are always the simplest to make with the freshest ingredients.

  6. You need to change your headline, it says 15 minutes but you clearly said 20 minutes

  7. Frozen peas, frozen veggies in general, are fresher than from store produce shelves because they are processed then frozen within hours, not days traveling to stores.

  8. What a lovely sentiment, friends. Sometimes I think I am getting lessons from a Michelin starred chef. Then I get Simply Laura. Uncomplicated and delicious. The flourish of Parm makes me think, Parm doughnuts? Stay a true original.

  9. I think finding fresh peas in the USA is really difficult. My family says back home its very common to find fresh peas in the market but here, its almost always only sold frozen, unless you go to like whole foods probably. Even international farmers market do not have them!

  10. I could eat primvera every day in summer ???? I love the addition of burrata!!! Never thought to do that but it looks like a game changer!

  11. My goodness, Laura. This looks phenomenal! I just made a vegetable pasta salad last night, but this is reallllly speaking to me. That burrata looks and sounds next level. YUM!

  12. Healthy pasta sure will cook this soon ,thank you for sharing another pasta recipe .Watching from hong kong ❤

  13. When I just thought that somethings missing to get the right Umami, you came with that delicious Burrata, mmmh, now I’ll gonna try it. ❤????

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