15 YouTubers reveal their FAVORITE CHORD! (And I wrote a song with it)

I’m asking 15 YouTubers their all time favorite chord. I immediately wanted to learn ’em all, so I challenged myself to write a song with JUST THESE CHORDS! ▶ALL TABS ON PATREON!◀

Sorry to Adam Neely, Pete Cotrell and Trey Xavier, somehow your video files went missing in the data transfer mayhem of TGU. Maybe you all can guess what chord they picked 😉


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27 Replies to “15 YouTubers reveal their FAVORITE CHORD! (And I wrote a song with it)”

  1. OH WHATS MY FAVORITE CHORD? The first from the tune I'm playing! It's:
    EMaj9 0-11-13-11-12-11 -> As juicy as they come.

  2. My favorite chord is Em in cowboy position. Why? Because SRV taught it to me as my first chord when I was a little kid.

  3. You gave us a chance to meet new guitar players that you recommend. Thanks brother!

  4. That you wrote a piece with all their chords is just rubbing it in our faces

  5. Hi, i oiled the ebony fretboard of my Jazzguitar with dunlop lemon oil yesterday. Now it feels a little oily! Ist that normal and will it it go away by time or did I overoil it and what can I do to fix it if If I did

  6. Ik ben echt een groot fan van je Paul .Jij bent van een next level .Heerlijk om te zien dat je steeds weer muzikanten weet te inspireren .Met subtiel uitgedachte manieren om over te brengen wat je ons te leren hebt. Vind het echt van grote klasse .

  7. No, wait, I changed my mind, my favorite chord is:
    It sounds discordant at first, confusing and kind of unsettling until you resolve to Am then E.

    It’s just Am played at the sixth fret with the other strings open.
    Try finger picking it. Just an up/down arpeggio. It’s actually quite pleasing and VERY easy. Kind of a spooky feeling, sad and jangled.

    By tomorrow I will have changed my mind again…

  8. My (current) favorite is:
    C7(no 5th)/E

    It’s a nice jazzy tone up the neck to 3rd slid to 5th. Three measures then to A7 at 5th fret slide quickly from 3rd fret back to fifth. It’s a happy little jazz tune and you can add a lot of flourishes to it.

    But it is also kind of foreboding if coupled with EM7sus4 (actually B7 leaving the first string open) resolving into Em. The Em makes you want to turn around to see what’s behind you.

    More stuff you can do with it just noodling around. All sorts of picking patterns for melodies. I wish I could show the actual notation either in manuscript, tab or neck pattern. So much easier to visualize. Oh well.

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