16 Coffee Habits That Can Make Your Body Stronger

A lot of studies point to a number of health benefits that come with drinking coffee due to its amount of antioxidants, but it can also be an addictive habit if you have too much. Basically, if consumed the right way, coffee can be really good for you.

Did you know, for example, that almond milk is a healthier, more natural alternative to flavored creamers, and it won’t upset the tummy like too much milk can? Or that a cup or two of coffee 30 minutes before your workout is a great natural and healthy alternative to those pre-workout supplements! So, here’s a few habits that are sure to improve your health and up your caffeine game.

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Drink it Black 0:25
If You Must Sweeten Your Coffee, Do It Naturally 0:56
Get Some Flavor by Adding Cinnamon or Cocoa 1:26
Try Almond Milk 2:01
Eat Something with Your morning Cup of Java 2:38
Avoid Drinking Coffee After a Certain Time 3:09
Use Filtered Water When Making Your Coffee 3:54
Drink a Cup of Coffee 30 Minutes Pre-Workout 4:29
The Right Amount of Coffee Improves Brain Function 5:11
Try “Sparkling Coffee” To Kick Your Soda Habit 5:50
Bulletproof Coffee 6:30
Using Recyclable Paper Filters 7:02
Add Turmeric to Your Coffee 7:31
Choose Organic Coffee 7:55
Black Coffee Can Keep Depression at Bay 8:46
Enjoy A Cup After Lunch to Promote a Healthy Weight 9:21

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– Flavored creamers tend to be loaded with fat, sugar, and extra calories, so diluting your cup of Columbian with it can quickly turn that healthy black coffee into a dessert.
– If you’re used to dressing up your coffee, going straight to black may be difficult. If you’re finding the transition a little tough, try sweetening your coffee naturally.
– If you need some flavor in your black coffee, try adding cinnamon or cocoa to it to for a natural flavor boost.
– Almond milk is a good non-dairy alternative to heavy cream or ½ and ½, and it won’t upset the tummy like too much milk can.
– If all you have for breakfast is coffee, you might get the jitters later and feel increased anxiety.
– You should stop drinking coffee around 2 or 3pm so that you don’t have trouble falling asleep later that night.
– Unfiltered tap water may add nasty metals and other unwanted things to your coffee, which aren’t great for you.
– A cup or two of coffee 30 minutes before your workout is a great natural and healthy alternative to those pre-workout supplements!
– All soda is bad for you – even diet soda – so eliminating it from your diet is a huge plus for your body. Get yourself a nice carbonated cold brew and add organic lemon juice and organic sugar.
– Add grass-fed butter and coconut oil (or coconut milk) to your black coffee! If you really want to pack your coffee with a health punch, adding these ingredients will give you the fats that are actually good for you.
– Sure, those reusable filters create less waste, but using recyclable paper filters results in your coffee getting brewed in a healthier way!
– Turmeric is a spice that has tons of health benefits – it’s great for your immune system and is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties.
– The flavor of organic coffee will be better, bolder, and richer. You’ll be getting a truly unfiltered version of those antioxidants and other health benefits of black coffee.
– To get the full benefit of the mood-lifting elements of coffee, don’t dilute it with creamers, sugars, and syrups.
– Try drinking a cup of black coffee or a cappuccino after lunch. It’s relaxing, and just plain yummy with most desserts. On top of that, though, coffee and its precious caffeine cause the body to digest your food more slowly, while also raising your metabolic rate.

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