16 Indian sailors held hostage in Equatorial Guinea for 84 days; Jaishankar’s help sought

The Indian Embassy in Equatorial Guinea is working to free 16 Indian sailors, who were detained by the authorities in the Central African nation in August this year. 26 crew members of ship ‘MT Heroic Idun’ that included these 16 Indian sailors, was detained on the suspicion of stealing oil 84 days ago. The sailors have appealed Narendra Modi government for help. Watch this video for more details.

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22 Replies to “16 Indian sailors held hostage in Equatorial Guinea for 84 days; Jaishankar’s help sought”

  1. Sry for the sailors but if everything was by the book they wont be transfer oil in international waters.The ship owner need to pay the fine and be happy for not being charged in criminal court and loses the whole ship.

  2. They tried to steal crude oil illegally for getting thirst of money
    Normally they got 8 to 15 lakhs as salary per month.that's not enough for these thief's.So if they are guilty why government needed to interfere.They must need to face the maritime laws of nigeria

  3. Crew members should be brought back it's too much of suffering, why are these African countries detaining the ship nd crew rather not acting against Pirate Africans?

  4. Why is this only coming out now? If they've engaged in criminality, then they must be punished otherwise released immediately.

  5. Hindustan times is so shameless. They are adding music to make it sensational. They don't care about their pain.

  6. Take it easy on the background noise. Can't really hear what's important because of that heavy base of the background music.

  7. What were they do g in Equitorial Guinea? Stealing oil. Indians do not become the new thieves and colonisers. African youths will deal with you mercilessly

  8. Proud of the Indian Agency, they are acting actively rather than the previous Government who was in power 💯

  9. The United States steals oil in Syria and India steals oil in African countries.

    Two self proclaimed democracies

  10. सुषमा स्वराज होती तो अब तक आ चुके होते

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