18 Signs You Have Fake Friends

Fake friends are more common than you think. If you have real friends, you are very lucky. Genuine friendships are critical to happiness. But fake friends can easily infiltrate genuine connections and make you feel bad. If you know fake people and they are trying to become your friend, watch out for these signs.

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Voice Over: Troy W. Hudson
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14 Replies to “18 Signs You Have Fake Friends”

  1. I’m 40 and I’m still dealing with ppl like this. What I have learned is that friendly, kind, naïve oblivious people attract predators. These people can smell the vulnerability and it makes their mouth water that they can use you like a pet, or debit card or even worst tissue paper. And they hide it under the friendship clause. “Well I said all does bad things because I know we’re friends” or “it shouldn’t matter I treated you bad or stopped your opportunity and growth because we’re friends”

    Be carful who you call friend. Even do a test, I had family member call friend asking for feed back pretending to be a job recruiter. She asked my friend 3 questions, 1 being do they feel I would make a good candidate for promotional corporate position. He said point blank No, and that he worked with me before and I was unreliable and my job performance was bad. I was floored. This guy knows I have wife, kids, mortgage etc and he knew I was hard worker and of all people he was someone I call friend but he tried to screw me over as soon as I tried to better myself.

    I didn’t block him, I just started treating him the same way. And til this day I don’t consider him a friend. I got promotion and he’s been trying to work with me in my position. I told him he can start like everyone else and work his way up. He threw in the we are friends thing. And I told him “no I was always your friend you were never mines.

  2. If you think you have fake friends my advice is just ignore them and try to live alone it's better than fake friends.

  3. Least of my problems 🤣🤣🤣 fake or not that won't pay my kids schoolfees or my bills ..

  4. I recently got realisation of my fake friends after 2 years…. delighted i got to know it sooner, was a shocker but a positive news…let's say i heard them back bitching …just an advice concentrate on your goals and parents. Hope you guys find about such people sooner.

  5. Real friends are very rare most people will use you that's the truth

  6. Yes, I agree. When my mom passed away 5 months ago, I learned who was real and who was fake fast.

  7. This is bogus AF. People show up exactly as you assume they will (spiritual law) we ARE NOT separate. Why is this channel perpetuating this BS????

  8. There's another phrase that describes these types of people: They are called "acquaintances". I believe that these people exist big time on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). They don't understand that the "friend" title, much like "respect", is earned, not given.

  9. Reminds me of some former friends I had. Glad I distanced myself from them.

  10. I seriously just realized that my all friends are fake. They're all selfish and jealous. Everytime I helped them in problems but in return , they always gave me shit. I never got a true friend. My all friends just use me. And just because of them , my other classmates are also starting hating me. Sometimes I feel like I've done a mistake by working hard.

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