2 Minutes Lazy Bun

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HEYLO everyone!
Happy Belated New Year! I haven’t really had time to make new videos because of holiday plans and such, but I’ll try to manage my schedule better ^^;

One of my 2012 new year resolution is to make AT LEAST 2 videos per month (better yet, 4 videos!). Let’s hope I can keep that up (x

Anyway, I’m coming back with a cute hair bun tutorial today!
I was procrastinating on an important research paper a few months ago. I stayed up until 5AM and felt very exhausted and irritated.
I threw my hair up into this bun the next day because it was icky, and surprisingly, I got a several compliments on that day.

I hope you’ll save this hairstyle for your lazy tiring school days as well!
It’s similar to my Poofy High Bun tutorial, but this takes less time because there’s no need to curl your hair. It also doesn’t need to be really neat and perfect (:

Give it a try and have fun!

Miss you !


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  1. I tried to do lot of these hairstyles ย on my hair, but my hair isn't long enough. Do you have any videos for short hair or tips to outgrow hair?

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