20 GENIUS Thrifting Hacks ???? SAVE THOUSANDS!!! ????

I’m sharing my best thrifting hacks and secrets with you so you can save THOUSANDS of dollars and find some incredible treasures at the same time! I’ll show you the best deals, where to find the best pieces, and how to thrift shop like a PRO!

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Make it an Adventure
01:34 Go to Suburb Locations for Clothing
01:51 Goodwill is cheaper for Clothing
02:35 Donate before you go – get that Coupon!
03:06 Avoid Wrinkled Clothing
04:00 Avoid Fast Fashion Brands
04:24 Do the Hip Check
05:05 Wear Tighter Clothing
05:49 WASH the Clothes with Vinegar!
06:18 Shoes are a MUST!
07:15 Purses & Bags are a Great Deal!
08:00 Dishes and Small Kitchen Appliances
08:44 Artwork is my FAVOURITE Thing to Find
09:33 Picture Frames
09:51 Furniture is Best At Mission Shops
10:31 Lamps
11:10 Treasure Hunt with Kids
12:02 Books
12:40 Just Give it a Try!
14:22 End Story

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26 Replies to “20 GENIUS Thrifting Hacks ???? SAVE THOUSANDS!!! ????”

  1. I'm a mom to a not grown up, grown up. It's hard so hard. At some point I realized all the I love yous but the No's were becoming more important. I watch and I'm always here but I can not tell you anymore. I love you. But I've given you tools, you need to use them.

  2. Every time I hit a new stage with my children I think that this is the hardest stage. I'm on early adulthood (he just turned 21) with my oldest and it's the hardest by far because you really have to back the fudge up and just let them screw up and learn the hard way and then ask for advice and just be there ready to spill forth with the advice but not the I told you so and do not say it with the attitude of you'd have done it this way admonishment, backfires everytime and they stop speaking to you for a week or month. Good Luck Cas, you got this.

  3. I’ve been thrift store shopping since I was 19. There’s nothing better!

  4. Teenagers are tuff. For packing or starting school have them write out a list. Go over it with you. Then they have to check off every item they put in their suitcase and or backpack. Then do a final check with you

  5. The thing that really got me hooked on thrifting was when I found a pair of 300 dollar Swedish wooden clogs for 15 bucks. They looked brand new! I'm a shoe junkie so this made me happy. I used to wear 5x clothes, so I wasn't into thrifting because the stores didn't have my size. I wear a large now, and since I've been able to get clothes at the thrift store it has been amazing. I've thrifted about 99 percent of my wardrobe and I don't really feel the need to buy brand new clothes anymore. I get such good quality and stuff I love. It's awesome!
    My husband and son enjoy it too!

  6. Been thrifting for decades. My son and i go together. And now my granddaughter loves to go. We have all found really great stuff

  7. Teens are hard. Then they come around and love to hang out with you in their early 20s!

  8. Идея с картинами просто отличная!

  9. Cas, now you've got me wanting to go thrifting. Also – is that painting over your fireplace new? I haven't seen it before, and I don't miss any of your videos. It's awesome! LOVE the colors! Was it painted by the famous Cassandra?

  10. Just yesterday on an op shop hop with my friends I scored a pair of genuine Prada sunglasses for $10, watching from New Zealand.

  11. I remember I once participated in a parenting group and one of the younger Moms was complaining about something. A Mom of older kids said….now you are carrying them on your arms, later you will be carrying them on your head!

  12. Oh my god girls go through a bad stage I thought I was going to die. Good luck darling

  13. As a mother of 7 from heaven, I can totally relate! I used to do a lot of thrifting with the kids when they were young! Best times! Then there came the teen picky snob years and thrifting was not cool and mom doesn’t know anything! Now, those kids past that age using their own hard earned money and having their own kids…thrifting is cool again! Yea! Lol memories of what mom used to do and say is almost wise now! Lol

  14. I'm a former thrift store manager. Opening a bag of clothes is fine about 9/10 times. Sometimes the clothing is folded and smells freshly laundered. Other times, someone shoveled out their basement or garage crap into bags and donated it because they didn't want to pay to dispose of it.
    Sometimes shoppers urinate into vases, glasses, or a pile of clothing in the dressing room. I don't blame stores for finding a reason to eliminate dressing rooms altogether.

  15. You know why God makes babies cute? So we don't kill them when they are teenagers.

  16. The last thing I want to do is go somewhere with cheap items that will fill my home with clutter.

  17. Once you are in the habit of decluttering, it is often easier to declutter items you have bought at the thrift store as you haven't spent a tonne on them. I am a super speedy at trying clothes on (if there is a change room)…and employ the if it's not a hard yes it's a hard no so I don't bring home items that I am likely to change my mind on.

  18. Girl I feel you, I have a teenage girl, she doesn't listen and yep you guessed it. Afterwards she is pleading for help, sometimes I do say I Told You So, and other times I just have to bite my tongue ????????‍♀️

  19. I believe the teenage years and young adult years have been the hardest for me as a mom, sometimes I want to lock them in a closet, sometimes I want to lock myself in a closet. ????

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