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We gave interior designers Darren Jett, Chiara de Rege, and Jenny Kaplan a photo of the same bare A-Frame cabin—then asked each of them to create a design for it in their particular style, however they pleased. Three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to the space. See which designer comes closest to creating the rustic getaway of your dreams.

Renders by Render Atleier https://renderatelier.com/

Portfolio Pictures Provided By:
Jessica Antola https://antolaphoto.com/
Max Burkhalter https://www.maxbphoto.com/
Claire Esparros https://claireesparros.com/
Christian Harder https://www.christianharderphoto.com/ John Daniel Powers https://johndanielpowers.com/

Director: Jasia Kaulbach
Director of Photography: Lauren Pruitt
Editor: Tristen Rogers
Talent(s): Chiara deRege, Darren Jett, Jenny Kaplan
Senior Producer: Alyssa Marino
Line Producer: Joe Buscemi
Associate Producer: Josh Crowe
Production Manager: Melissa Heber
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
Camera Operator: Anne Marie Halovic
Audio Engineer: Mariya Chulikova
Production Assistant: Patrick Sargent
Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds
Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin

0:00 Meet The Designers
1:03 Sidewalls and Ceiling
3:15 Back Wall
4:09 Flooring
6:26 Loft Space
8:28 Kitchen
9:42 Dining Area
10:52 Living Area
16:27 Lighting
19:39 Art and Decor
21:25 Final Thoughts
21:58 Round Table

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19 Replies to “3 Interior Designers Transform The Same A-Frame Cabin | Space Savers | Architectural Digest”

  1. Bleh the ladies voices had NOOOO energy!! I did not feel like they were excited or interested in being creative at all

  2. I love this series so much! It's amazing how a space can be transformed in so many different ways. Please continue to do these and do them more often!

  3. Chiara's design won me over!!!! I would love to have a romantic getaway in that cabin!! Darren a close second. The other designer ????and she came across as she didn't even want to be involved.

  4. Darren just blows it out of the water every time , just beyond gorgeous and inventive if I win the lottery I know who to call !

  5. They all did wonderful but Chiara de Rege's vision just spoke to me. Windows are everything and the Fireplace is amazing.

  6. Wait I love these three designers… I honestly cannot decide which one I prefer more than the other

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