3 Knives BANNED by the Algorithm #KnifeCenter #shorts

These are three of our favorite knives that the algorithm doesn’t want you to see.

Featured Knives (In order of appearance):
Cold Steel Espada XL: https://kcoti.com/403gdH8
Richmade Fat Bastard: https://kcoti.com/4076VtO
Gerber DoubleDown: https://kcoti.com/404a9hF
Also featured
BRS BladeRunners Systems Replicant: https://kcoti.com/3ZL48qn
Ontario Camper Machete: https://kcoti.com/3ZNFZQ3

13 Replies to “3 Knives BANNED by the Algorithm #KnifeCenter #shorts”

  1. Can’t believe DCA didn’t say “This is The Way!” But! Wait till Disney gets a hold of the Mandalorin Signet on that knife

  2. I left the very tip of my left middle finger inside the handle of my espada xl cause I didn't clear from it when it closed. Now my finger is slightly flat on one side

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