30-Minute Standing HIIT Workout With Jenna Willis | POPSUGAR FITNESS

Join celebrity trainer and wellness coach Jenna Willis as she leads you through this 30-minute standing HIIT workout joined by Chelsey Cioli and Jai Jordan! In this routine, you’ll start off with a quick warmup and build up the intensity with standing crossbody crunches, squats, long jumps, and so much more! The oblique blasts just feel like stretching, but you’ll feel it tomorrow. This standing routine is completely bodyweight. You can do this from anywhere; no planks are included. Get ready to challenge your endurance, as well as mobility, balance, and flexibility, with this routine! Willis will also provide advancements on moves for an added challenge.
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Willis’s outfit: Varley set
Cioli’s outfit: Uniqlo set
Jordan’s outfit: Splits59 set

Find more from our trainers:
Willis: https://www.instagram.com/msjennawillis
And her website: https://www.dontsweatitalone.com/

Cioli: https://www.instagram.com/chelsey.cioli/

Jordan: https://www.instagram.com/jaiartistry/

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12 Replies to “30-Minute Standing HIIT Workout With Jenna Willis | POPSUGAR FITNESS”

  1. "Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." -Anonymous

  2. Could do without the racism… I mean seriously, Jenna spent half the video imitating Black women's voices. Can't exactly get a good workout in when I'm focusing on how insulting the lead trainer is being. Decent cardio burn, but I'd rather find that elsewhere to avoid this commentary.

  3. Absolutely love the new class fit sugar fitness they’re very inspiring and they help you get through the workouts & they make the class fun to do. ????????????

  4. Great workout ???? ❤️the good sense of humor from everyone. ❤️ doing all the sqwat moves and standing crunch with a lunge move the best????

  5. That was great ????????. PERFECT ending of my sunday. Shower is waiting for me. ????????????

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