25 Replies to “30 second sketch book drawing”

  1. JESÙS IS THE LORD , HE IS COMING WITH ALL POWER AND GLORY to defeat evil of the enemy

  2. Do you make a good living from this? As I am pretty good myself but only give my work away

  3. Who else noticed that he was actually drawing the man in the back. Btw wonderful drawing!

  4. Yyyy…. excuse me… What fricking planet are you from?
    This is just something else🥰

  5. It’s not magic or even skill. It’s just drawing enough squiggly lines where a line could be. Our minds have the capacity to ignore the ‘wrong’ lines and focus on the ‘human’ lines.

  6. Love this ! Keep it up ! Let God bless you in a imaginable way. I have the same tatto you have on your hand except mines on the neck. Love God.

  7. Im like this is just amazing like u don't need to stress ur eye to see it u magically bring out the structure of the face likes it's poof magic✨✨✨✨✨🤲🏾

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