30 Texts Showing Male-Female Differences in Humor

Bright Side has collected fun messages showing verbal fights between 2 “opposing teams.” Aren’t men and women from different planets?

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19 Replies to “30 Texts Showing Male-Female Differences in Humor”

  1. Boy: hey honey

    Girl: hey

    Boy: are u free 2 night?

    Girl: no. I'm expensive

  2. Add:

    Im sick

    Didn't i told you
    To drink the
    Soup i made

    Oh i forgot after drinking your soup i got sick

  3. Sarah : If we stayed in a dark room for an hour-
    -What Would You Do?
    Sarah : Hah? I WANTED to say that, but I didn't say it yet. Who said that?
    John Quinones : Hey.

  4. Actually male humor according to me and my friends is this

    H A M B O R G E R

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