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This is the official Braille Skateboarding Ankle Resistance Band Game of Skate! 150lbs per skater and the challenge has never been this difficult! Who will walk away the ankle strength skate champion?!

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  1. Gabe my favorite videos are when you decide to skate also. We want to see you progress even if you you get bodied.

  2. Strap each other together. Have a Goofy strapped to a regular, back to back and try doing some tricks. You could use the easiest ones from both sets, to attach both back feet together and both front feet together. It will be hard to keep the boards from hitting the others board.

  3. Too much slack if they were shorter I feel like they woulda struggled more! Make ‘em wear a weighted vest and ankles and weighed wrists and see how hard that’s be !

  4. Underrated:
    "Are we bungeeing together?"
    "Ayy, shoutout to Bob Marley though"

  5. loved the energy in the vid — but aren‘t these simply just too long to expand with your refined precise motion?

  6. Yo shout out to the gym. Skaters should train theirs legs and abs, it makes a world if difference. Also, RECOVERY, is soo important! Let your body heal! ✨️ 👍

  7. No problem, Gabe. Glad I could help.

    I have a weird idea. Hopefully this is seen. I’d like to see a “Single Session” video like in THPS. Two minutes, one run. We need a point system for tricks just temporarily for fun. And then at the end of the two minute run, it’s edited and the points are added up. You can spam the same trick multiple times, but every time you do it the points are 0.5 less than previous, which will keep it a little wild for everyone on Braille.

    I think it could work as a little tournament and have a video of each every once in a while maybe as a series.

    Just an idea. Hopefully this makes sense. I want to see bails included and just maybe everyone gets some time to play with a run like a “free skate”, but then you’ve got 2 minutes and we have some score popping up on screen.

    I think that would be fun to see.

    Oh, and there could even be a little extra points as a bonus for any gaps like “Three Block!” and “Bump2Bar!”

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