4 Creepy Habits That Make You Look Desperate

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No one teaches you how to flirt, which is a shame, because it means that sometimes, even with the best of intentions, you can come across as creepy. In fact, it’s more common than you might think. If you like someone you do NOT want that to be the case.

In this video, you’re going to learn 4 common ways that you might be creeping your flirt out without even realizing it. You will also learn what you can do to adjust so that you come across as cool, confident and suave.


0:22 – Adjustment #1: Use the goldilocks rule when making eye contact.
1:14 – Adjustment #2: Combine sincere compliments with a joke.
2:07 – Adjustment #3: Your touch should not be too light or heavy.
3:05 – Adjustment #4: Don’t make them feel trapped.

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23 Replies to “4 Creepy Habits That Make You Look Desperate”

  1. These animations are so creepy looking they actually go full circle to being humorous and adorable. lmao And the girl's size triple Z gravity defying boobs ????????????????

  2. great video????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I really love your videos, I find them so helpful. However, a lot of them are how to flirt with girls or how to get a girl to like you. Could you make some more directed towards girls and how they can flit? What things that girls do that you guys find most attractive? Thanks.

  4. This is a better video visually with even more clearer explanation compared to the similar video that you'd uploaded 3 years prior to this.

  5. The content is good. But it's kinda one sided. There's nothing in it about girls who creep guys out, for example. Or guys who creep others guys out, etc. Would be good content for another video perhaps!

  6. 1:00 This really only works if you are attractive, as people won't smile at you if they don't find you attractive.
    2:47 how on earth are you going to get into a scenario where you can rest your hand on their for one to three seconds, and its not creepy. From listening to my friends: don't touch skin, don't wrap your arms (or legs) around them, don't touch their back side at all (back, butt, legs, anything that is on back side), Shoulders and arms are normally the best place to touch.
    4:46 why are you not sitting across from her.

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