4 Levels of Buffalo Wings: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

We challenged chefs of three different skill levels – amateur Emily, home cook Daniel, and professional chef Yuji Haraguchi of Okonomi and Yuji Ramen – to make us a batch of their go-to buffalo wings. Once each level of chef had served up and sampled their creations, we asked expert food scientist Rose to explain the choices each wingmeister made along the way – both good and bad. Which are you reaching for first, a drum or a flat?

Find Chef Yuji and his restaurants on Instagram at @haraguchiyuji, @okonomibk and @yujiramen_bk
Find Daniel at @iamdanielvictor
Keep up with Emily on her YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/emilyduncan and on Instagram at @emilyslamduncan
Looking for Rose? Head to @rosemarytrout_foodscience

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14 Replies to “4 Levels of Buffalo Wings: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious”

  1. I hate when I try to type “I love Yuji” but it autocorrects to “I love you”…

    Only the real ones will get it

  2. Can't believe this video got 23K likes so far. Only 1 person made buffalo wings

  3. is this the guy who put raspberries in his turkey sandwich and blackberries in his grilled cheese? And now he's using drumsticks for his buffalo wings?

  4. yall hating on daniel need to stop. yea they arent wings but his looked the best imo. Emilys looked great too. Yujis was a little too out of the box for me.

  5. blended tofu is such a great texture im sure it was delicious! but yeah emily blue cheese is my go to

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