40 Minute Full Body & Abs Challenge Workout | STF 2023 – Day 4

Welcome to SUMMERTIME FINE 2023 DAY 4! I am so proud of you for showing up. All fitness levels are welcome for this workout and you don’t need any equipment! SUBSCRIBE to the channel and share this workout when you’re done!

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This workout is such a great full body workout that I know you will love! We will work for 3 rounds of each exercise for 45-60 seconds each and each exercise will be completed in circuit style with three exercises in each circuit. Move into full range of motion and just keep moving today, this workout is fun one!

The Exercises:
1. Bent rows
2. Lateral Band Raise
3. DB Sit ups
4. Lateral Lunge
5. Chest Press
6. Seated twists
7. Hammer Curls
8. Floor tap curl front rack squat
9. Sit up and twist
10. Suitcases

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23 Replies to “40 Minute Full Body & Abs Challenge Workout | STF 2023 – Day 4”

  1. Another awesome workout thanks for positive comments about pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone i surprised myself ????????

  2. Ab work and the simplicity of the moves were intense.
    Absolutely great work out ???? ❤????

  3. such a great workout. I am loving these. My favorite move was the squat variation

  4. This workout was so fun ! I loved the music! Favorite move was the squat tap down to front rack squat !

  5. Loved all the moves but my favorite was the change in music! Yay for real hype music!!

  6. You know you are in the right place when you dislike rest day! ????

  7. Lordy the burn!! My legs were feeling a way during the warm up???????? and my abs were on fire at the end! Happy Friday everyone

  8. YeeeeeHaaaaaaa I loved this work out PB'd on chest press and hammer curls!!!!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  9. Loved it – I did a few 30 lb hammer curls! That is my goal. I’ve been stuck at 25. I have a bb too. ????????????????????????. Love it. And laughed at warm up when you said about sore from the other day. – me. ????????‍♀️. ????

  10. crushed ????❤
    so proud of myself guys ????????
    thank you Sydney ????

  11. Had an injection in my right SI joint Wednesday and felt such a difference during this workout. Loved all the moves. Can’t wait to keep going!

  12. Loved it, pushed hard, love the way you push yourself and us. Can't wait for the next workout

  13. Day 5 and omg I almost passed out and puked! But I stuck it through. I definitely feel way better! Thank you Sydney ???????? I can't wait to work out tomorrow!

  14. Love love your workouts ????
    Maybe you could add another circuit of 3 rounds to achieve a 50mn video ????

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