5 DAYS IN TOKYO ???? (best food ✩ shopping)

just me and my best friends being total clowns + having the time of our life pigging out

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16 Replies to “5 DAYS IN TOKYO ???? (best food ✩ shopping)”

  1. This is so cute!! When you finished eating udon and did the eye thingi was so confused I thought the video was glitching ????

  2. you and your friend are so funny together! couldn't stop laughing
    this was such a good vlog

  3. this was so cute and wholesome <3 i wanna go to japan so bad ill use this video as a reference for places to visit hehe

  4. I was in Japan two months ago and it was amazing. The food was amazing. The culture was amazing. It sucks that not many places allow you to film, and as a Foodie, I need Content , but thankfully I was able to get some. I love her most of the food are very cheap and you can order from the vending machine. ???? oh, there’s an amazing, ramen shop that’s very close to that vintage shop you guys were at. Your eyes were so in sync with the beat. ???? love that you did a little meet up with your fans. Keep up the amazing work.

  5. Isa, the bath beard throwback is EPIC. Looks like the travels were a blast

  6. Cool video Isa!!! I would go there with le poulet & eat everything, thrn go music festival it, rave it big time. ????

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