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  1. Wow! These new boards are amazing dude i was legit looking for sum yesterday, this is out of my price range but i’m gonna start working to save for this. I’m only 12 so i’m not sure how but im gonna try 🤘

  2. I did about a 100 now…guys…don't fall for the 'you have been shortlisted' blabla…I don't think there's a thing now from Braille, but if you win, it would be a more official message…so don't fall for this.

  3. That red cruiser fire but I need those trucks though the thunders go hard

  4. I havent skated in like 10 years, but if I was to buy a board I'd go for the cruiser shape cause you can still try out some regular tricks etc. Nice one braille! (saw these on IG before this vid)

  5. Thats a footplant not a boneless,if your goofy you grab it with your right hand and if regular you grab it with your left and thats a boneless.

  6. Those are cruiser boards??? They were normal boards back in my day!! Lol! Anyway, I generally skate an 8 inch pop nowadays

  7. i havent skated in 4 days i lost mmotivation im now really fighting and pushing myself to go to skate but skating alone sucks (i started skating on june 27th)

  8. I obviously don't know much about skateboards because that looks like a shaped board that is close to a popsicle stick shape. When I think cruiser, I think half way between street skate and long board. Also maybe the old school shape like Powell Peralta reissues. You guys are selling those now too, right?

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