5 INSANE Methods to Work With Dowels #shorts

A single dowel, many ways to work with them. This is how you can upgrade the wood-working game by exploring more into how easy it is to install dowels in NO TIME. You will never have to struggle again once you secure them real well. #insane #dowels #asmr

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19 Replies to “5 INSANE Methods to Work With Dowels #shorts”

  1. Exactly you would never put an anchor into wood because of the drywall and it expands in the airspace behind the drywall

  2. Ein Video teilen und selbst einen Dreck sich auskennen wekchen Bit man zum schrauben braucht! Was für ein deppertes Video!

  3. Aren't those drywall anchors? They work by expanding, you would not use them for wood. This is why we need the dislike button.

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