5 Proven Ways to Reduce Body Heat (Pigmentation, Rashes, Grey Hair, Body odour, Sweating)

If you can’t stand heat, you feel thirsty all the time, you experience a lot of sweat, overbleeding, hair fall, greying of hair, acidity, skin pigmentation, pimples and anger bothers you then note that this is an indicator that you have excess heat in the body. But don’t worry, there are some easy and effective ways that will naturally cool down the body and resolve these problems from its root.

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01:03 – #5 Way to reduce body heat – Just this simple habit will protect you from sun stroke and many other body heat-related problems.
02:21 – #4 Way to reduce body heat – If there is one thing that is most effective in reducing heat in the body, it’s this.
03:22 – #3 Way to reduce body heat – To reduce body heat, Going through Ayurvedic scriptures there is one practice that one can’t afford to miss.
05:02 – #2 Way to reduce body heat – A common symptom of increased body heat is excessive thirst. This season, instead of carbonated drinks, try the real cool drinks.
06:01 – #1 Way to reduce body heat – If you start using this in daily life, body heat-related problems will automatically come down.

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  1. I experience
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  3. I am a kid, I don't have any symptoms but hate heat,so this video help me a lot

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    Just wanted to know if a person with body heat may also have kapha at the same time?

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