5 Steps to Get Into Beekeeping for Beginners

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Here are 5 steps to take if you are brand new to beekeeping
1. Join a bee club
2. Get beginning bee books
3. Go to forums
4. Order equipment and bees
– buy local bees
– buy nuc
5. Talk to neighbors about beeking
Swarm Trapping book – http://www.amazon.com/Swarm-Traps-Bait-Hives-free/dp/1463739311/
A great book – Beekeeping for Dummies

The 3 Great Forums:

The 4 big beekeeping suppliers:
Mann Lake
Brushy Mountain
T Walter Kelley

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13 Replies to “5 Steps to Get Into Beekeeping for Beginners”

  1. With in 30 seconds of any sting from any venomous insect or animal, your kidneys will produce the antivenom in your urine, a few drops under your tongue is the antidote.

  2. I live on an island in the south pacific, and there are no bee keepers here, I would like to be a first.

  3. Any electric shock will break down bee venom, so if you get stung, zap it. it's way better than and blood-based chemical treatment.

  4. 🙁 I have been to four Bee clubs so far & not once was peter of Jo there! where can I find them? I need to learn.. ,Thanks

  5. my bee stings arent that toxic i have had red ant bites hurt more.. they really dont sting as much as they used too when i was a kid.. fire ants and red ants though are unbearable

  6. Dr Keith Delaplane has a very good series in YouTube "A Year in the Life of an Apiary." Good place to start.

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