12 Replies to “5 Unique Bed Designs – Camper Van, Bus Build, RV & Tiny House”

  1. Let us know if this type of video is something you like! What other focused videos would you like to see in the future?

  2. I like these types of videos along with the regular tours. It would be nice if the products mentioned (when they are) where listed in the description. I liked the lift beds and the electric Murphy bed was the bomb! I am seriously considering buying a 12'x20' ESP homes from Incredible Tiny Homes.it has a bedroom but I want to make it a dual purpose office/bedroom and a Murphy bed or one of those lift beds might do the trick. Thanks for the videos!!

  3. )):32 this one is my favorite and if i ever build a van out, this bed i will most definitely get <3

  4. I love πŸ’˜all the different beds πŸ›Œ, and reasons why everyone chooses what they do.

  5. Thank you for effectively side by side comparisons. I'd like to see the same thing for kitchens and 'bathrooms',

  6. Yes! These videos give us diverse ideas to play with! It's so interesting to see what works for others.

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