7 Rules For A Thriving Kitchen Garden (For Beginners)

The vast majority of my gardening style is all about breaking “rules” and pushing the mainstream boundaries, but for beginner gardeners, there are a few rules to use as a foundation to ensure that you get started on the right track to growing and abundance of food in your vegetable garden, and that is what this video is all about. I hope you find this helpful for your growing journey, and good luck!

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16 Replies to “7 Rules For A Thriving Kitchen Garden (For Beginners)”

  1. Ive bought labels for plants brfore but sharpies fade right off the plastic! Ive also seen people suggest cheap labels via cutting up yoghurt pots but what pens are people using!

  2. I always start the year with labels only to lose them once it’s time to get everything in the ground.

  3. I lost an empty seed packet I meant to save 🙁 It was the best yellow beans I've ever eaten.

  4. This year I added a garden journal. I'm hoping this helps me recall all the things I forget the following year

  5. If I could offer a tiny bit of feedback, the music at the intro (50 secondsish) was really loud compared to your speaking volume, nearly took my ears off lol

  6. I have 5 different types of tomato seedlings.. and remembered to label them all. I was so proud of myself after previous mishaps. Until the first time I watered them & realised I'd used the wrong pen. Every single label washed clean ????

  7. I'm starting a garden this year and your channel has been so very helpful ❤ thank you!

  8. For rule 6, I'd add further that it's important to fully and completely embrace your mistakes – it's a great opportunity to learn, to take a deep dive find out what went wrong and why, so that you're prepared for the future! (As well as learning other bits along the way)

    I remember talking to a friend who grows cacti as a hobby, he was talking about this one guy who grows the most amazing array of plants – "He's the most experienced cactus grower I know, he's killed thousands of them!" ????

  9. Number 3 is my biggest problem. I start every season with everything all my seedlings labelled then it all gets out of control and I put things in the ground thinking I’ll remember what they are and the next day I’ve got no idea! ???? I am determined this year to keep everything labelled.

  10. My mom loves your videos Can you put Hindi subtitles she tried to watch your videos with auto translate but they are not accurate lots of love from India ????????????????????????

  11. My corn was devastated and completely eaten too???? another awesome vid I’ve can’t wait to stay dirty

  12. You’re a wonderful entertainer Huw!! The amount of info you give while visually throwing us into heaven is astounding and appreciated! I just ate my first garden salad of the year while watching this ???? Feels like a moment!!

  13. Your videos are always so beautiful. However, it usually doesn't apply to most of is because we don't have hoop houses or greenhouses to start our plants in. So I have to wait another five weeks to put out plants.????

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