7 Survival Crops to Grow for MAXIMUM Calories

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If you had to live off of your garden…could you? Here are 7 of our top picks for crops to grow for calories.


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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Beans
02:10 – Sweet Potatoes
03:33 – Quinoa
05:05 – Memorial Sale
06:14 – Potatoes
07:33 – Amaranth
08:36 – Jerusalem Artichoke
10:06 – Rice


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18 Replies to “7 Survival Crops to Grow for MAXIMUM Calories”

  1. What did we miss? There are a TON more to cover (and grow) so let us know what you want to see next 🙂

  2. Do you also need to consider the time it takes to get your harvest? Some might be quicker than others and in the end, have a larger output

  3. My seeds just arrived! Thank you for the lettuce! I'll tell the kids it's from you when they eat their salads!! LOL! Super excited for the Bok Choy, if I can keep the ear wigs off them its the one crop I'm confident I can grow!! LOL! Need to look up your trap video again!

  4. I learned about the Jerusalem artichoke in my anthropology of food class this last semester in college. I planted a few as well as a yaupon holly because of that class… and then I started a garden. I love this channel, and I have definitely learned a lot from the Epic Gardening crew.

  5. Growing Amaranth. I have 5 plants and they are gorgeous. I have the red ones. Also trying to grow potatoes, three varieties.

  6. I had a beautiful little stand of some scarlet amaranth going and one night this past week the long legged rodents most folks call deer ate the tops off all of them.. and a few dahlias too.
    I wonder if we were to boil the crap out of those fartachokes with a few bay leaves in the pot, it would take some of the wind out of them. Seems to work on beans.

    There's another crop I'd like to grow if I could find starts for them.. and they are a starch.. Water Chestnuts.. I love those crunchy little things. No clue on their calorie data.

  7. How do you like hydroponic gardening? Do you find soil gardening superiour? For my own garden, I usually stick to the nutrient diversity approach. I think calories are more efficiently produced by the bigger farms, and it's hard to buy the really diverse stuff like old strains of Brassicaceae maybe watercress, anything unusual that adds micronutrients.

  8. Think there’s a body fat ratio to check out, Kevin. (BMI/ Body Mass Index) Something you need to research.

  9. I’m growing three from your list this year: sweet potato (Okinawan purple), yellow bush bean, and amaranth. Fingers crossed. We’ve had an unusually cool wet spring for Texas and though it has help the growth so far it has delayed fruiting of my tomatoes. May be in for bumper crop next month?

  10. Sorry, but there is absolutely no way you can have 80 pounds of potatoes in a 4×4. That's a crazy amount, even if stacked extremely tightly.

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