80 year old Cat D2 Dozer with issues.. Worth buying or a can of worms??

This vintage 5j Caterpillar D2 was put up for auction at a clearing sale recently, nobody wanted it so I went to check it out. Its a cool old machine but is quite worn out and has some major issues.
What do you think its worth?

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  1. Like an old hooker with new lipstick, not something you should take home!

  2. yes leave it, you got enough toys, a dumper,a wheeled loader or a roller maybe

  3. I wouldn't be able to fix a price. My nostalgia nerd kicks in when I see older machinery like this. A mate grew up on a family farm and they had a couple of old tractors. One was started with a shotgun shell. The other was crank started. It was a scary thing. Those crank handles can kill you if you're not caeful.

  4. 5.56 and a couple of new bolts and an airfilter.. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
    easier to start than my chainsaw..

  5. Fiat tractor (450) going beging there too, awsome little tractors.

  6. $2000 max mate, and just see how easy it is to get the parts to fix it.

  7. Hi Marty think it is worth scrap value less the cost of carriage to the farm that way you will not loose

  8. I love this comment section. Somebody suggested bringing it to the nearest port. The guy who answered said: "For what? As an anchor?" lol. Cracked me up.

  9. I would leave that for an "enthusiast" to buy and move onto to something less clagged up in yellow paint!

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