9 genius NEW home hacks (from the guy who painted 1,000 homes)

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19 Replies to “9 genius NEW home hacks (from the guy who painted 1,000 homes)”

  1. Fantastic ideas!!! . Couple more tips. If you missed out on doing the paint under the light switch/powerpoint hack and can’t remember the name, and you need more of that same paint, you can remove the cover and scrape off some of the paint and take that to the paint or hardware shop and they can match it via computer. Because you took the paint from under the cover, it won’t damage the walls. Once home, you can apply that cool hack as seen in this video. Also dryer lint makes an amazing fire starter. Store it in a snap lock bag ready to take camping.

  2. Thanks. My boyfriend just bought this house we've lived in for years. Now I will be painting. A lot.

  3. I knew a couple of tricks but yours are amazing! Especially the rubber band one!

  4. Thank ???? you for sharing awesome ideas. Can I have this guy come do some projects for me. Thanks again.

  5. Dude with the Bob Ross- esque voice rocks! Great tips! The paint ones are geeeeenius !!! ????????????

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