a chill day in my life

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Who am I?👩🏻‍⚕️🍙
I’m a first-year med student in Turkey. I’m taking a break from med school because of some personal and private reasons. I can not explain it yet but I will hopefully in the future.
If you are interested in which ethnicity do I have, I’m mixed. (Japanese-Turkish)
I was born in Japan but I grew up in Turkey. (But I visit Japan every single year)
Both of these languages are my mother language.
I’m polyglot and I can speak 4 languages fluently which are Japanese, Turkish, German, and English. If you don’t think that I’m a polyglot check Cambridge or Oxford Dictionary.
Poly means multiple and glot mean tongue so yes I am 🙂
I will be planning to upload lots of productivity-related videos, so stay tuned if you like those types of videos.
If you have any questions, comment down below.
Love you,

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30 Replies to “a chill day in my life”

  1. You Get to make a good vídeos naturally every single day you are intelligent and pretty Asian girl.

  2. I really did enjoy it thanks for uploading this video those manga parts totally grabbed my attention because as far as my hobie goes I'm pretty avid manga reader

  3. Yep, I enjoyed this video! Ur brother and u we are so cute together, watching and talking, I love it ❣️

  4. You are awesome and amazing girl ,my name is Ali and I’m from Kazakhstan also my hair and me looks like Itachi Uchiha 😅 I’m serious I’m not joke.

  5. Yessss dates and peanut butter 😍🤤 One of my faves 🥰🥰 Man now I’m hungry🤣🤣

  6. 2:25 wish I could feel that after working out… but i hate it soooo much it makes me feel so mad, angry, annoyed and irritated 😂

  7. Your Children Would Turn Out Beautiful With A European Man Like Me Haha🕊😍😁

  8. You have baby smooth skin and if you could share a skincare routine would be great!

  9. Ruri, what kind of apps do you usually use for everyday workout? It looks really cool! May be it’s a video lessons from YouTube? That’s important for me because I work remotely and try to find some good ideas to do sport at home) Thanks in advance!🌹

  10. Rurii!! After i watched this video i started to read Tokyo Revengers!! Hell yeah! I really loved it 😻Thank you so much🌸I wanna watch more your recommendations about Manga✍🏻

  11. I really like watching videos of your ordinary days here. Yes, 腹が減っては戦はできぬ。I'm very hungry now. Well, I have to go to bed soon though. lol

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