I wanted to have a chill day. A day where I start my morning off at a coffee shop with Joey, then make some lunch, hop in the pool, tan a little, go to the movies, and I even did a little Q and A at the end.. Enjoy today’s “chill” vlog! Love you guys xoxo

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21 Replies to “A CHILL DAY”

  1. I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY!! I AM NOT THE ONLY ANNOYING ONE WHEN I GO OUT WITH FRIENDS! I always thought I was weird😳😋 oh wait, I still am…

  2. your family has such a nice house, well I mean the backyard looks super nice!! pool & a view of the ocean, so nice and relaxing for the summertime!!

  3. ok mais alguém aqui é portuguesa e está um bocadinho entusiasmada pelo facto de Eça ter mencionado Portugal ?? :)))) x

  4. DANIELLE! I cannot believe how alike we are. Ever since I found your channel I really loved your videos, but after awhile I noticed things like your style, music taste, and personality is so like me! When I found out you are going to UGA, I couldn't believe it. I have family that lives in Georgia and I would love to go there for college. It has been one of my dreams since I was little! Also when you modeled for Lilly Pulitzer I was so happy because I love Lilly Pulitzer! I got your merch for this past Christmas (the "She believed she could so she did" shirt) and I thought it was so funny when I found out that was one of your favorite sayings because when I was going through a tough time last year I painted to relieve stress and that was one of the paintings I did. That was before I even watched you! A couple of years ago I also went through severe acne problems and I still am dealing with a little bit, but that was when it was at it's worst. When I noticed you were dealing with that kind of situation and overcame it happily, I felt like I had deja vu. Even in this video when you said the artists you have been listening to lately, I LOVE KEHLANI AND BRYSON TILLER! I have been loving their music to them lately too! I am a huge fan of you and I would love it if you even read this comment 🙂 I look up to you so much and I aspire to be as kind, amazing, successful, positive, mature, motivational and loving as you are when I'm older. (I am going into my junior year of high school btw) Much love! <3 and my Instagram is @sarah.hooper if you followed me I would be overjoyed!!!! -Sarah

  5. Danielle I would love a video or two about long distance relationships! My boyfriend and I are about to start our final year of long distance and I would love all the help advice and motivation I can get 😂

  6. Im high key happy she uploads so often i swear I have NO idea how she does it!! <333

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