A formula for deliciousness?!

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You’ve heard a lot about umami, but you probably don’t know the full story.

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-Dr. Ole Mouritsen, Professor (emeritus) of Gastrophysics and Culinary Food Innovation at the University of Copenhagen

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  1. Ew. A bright cellars sponsorship? They're a well known shitbag near scam company. I wouldn't take their money if i were you.

  2. I’ve said this before. I’ve spent a lot of time teaching myself this stuff and you did an amazing job of summarizing it all here. Makes me feel a lot less special for knowing this stuff! Good job!

  3. I always add both fresh and dried mushrooms, and a spoonful of vegemite into my mushroom risotto. Now I know why it works.

  4. In short: almost every recipe in existence and majority of your fridge/cupboard contains glutamates and nucleotides to make your food taste super umami.

  5. Vegans find nucleotides in the 'plants' that are most like animals (digestion not photosynthesis)

  6. 6:12 I love the use of this broken calculator, it excellently shows issues with math in kitchen 😉

  7. It's 2023 we out here min/maxing our umami, get with it or get left behind sucka!

  8. I knew there had to be a scientific reason why putting cheese on meat always made it better.

  9. Japan people have the best knowledge of umami. All their food are weirdly combined, yet taste great

  10. I love getting to actually know how the taste/food works so I can hack my cooking skills!

  11. I use everything from tomatoes, to pure msg, to stock cubes/seasoning packets that contain msg, to better than bouillon, to mushroom poweder to make food.

  12. Your videos channel the same scientific playfulness that the original Good Eats with Alton Brown had, I think they're pretty great.

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