A toothpaste face mask?! ????‍????️

You can find the Selfless By Hyram Moisturizer here! https://howl.me/cj0MiYyJrci

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  1. So basically I put duck tap all over my face and then ripped it off and the I bought a face mask for 2.00 and I put it on and it made my face break out so bad and didn't go away for DAYS????

  2. Are use a lot of moisturizer and is it OK if you recommend like what’s like the best lip care of the palm lip mask the treatment

  3. I did something like that when I was younger and my mom whooped me for it????

  4. Omg I’m so excited it’s at target! I just moved next to one lol…. Gotta get me some of your products!!! ❤❤❤

  5. Day two of asking to rate the Trader Joe’s Exfoliator!! I LOVE U SM!!!❤❤❤❤

  6. i am a teenager, in middle school, and i wash my face day and night using the CeraVe foaming facial cleanser for oily skin and use the cerave moisturizer day and night, but at night u also use a vitamin C serum from Volition and the luxury facial oil by drunk elephant

  7. if he ever came up to me and my friend if we saw him then I would have a story lol. one time I had this mask and I thought it was a face mask. so we put it on my friends face and a few minutes later her face started burning. turns out it was a hair mask that we put on her face lol

  8. I really want someone with hyperpigmentation but also dry skin to come on the show and ask for a recommendation! I can never figure out what I can use w/o irritating my dry skin

  9. What is your opinion on buying skincare products from Burt's Bees, specifically their cleanser for sensitive skin?

  10. I used to that when I was young. I really loved the cooling effect after washing it.

  11. i’m so glad i’m one of the very few people who actually listened to videos talking about skin care before ever starting it????

  12. I know this doesn't go with the vid but can you make an afordable skin care for beginners that has acne and dry skin for 11 yr olds

  13. My husband is FINALLY willing to try and take care of his skin and your moisturizer is his favorite one out of all the ones I bought him to try. He wanted something that wasn’t sticky, but left him feeling moisturized and yours was it!

  14. Can you please review bubble skincare at ulta or Walmart I use it and don’t know what to quit using and keep using

  15. I need to go to this dudes target and tell him about the time used dish soap as a face cleanser

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