Airstreams Suck!! || Starting on the interior

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19 Replies to “Airstreams Suck!! || Starting on the interior”

  1. Jason, Jason, Jason. There is no such thing as a "hot water heater." There are hot water tanks, there are water heaters but hot water has already been heated.

  2. I would make hand holes in the bed plywood. You never know if or when you need to pull those up.

  3. you need to watch all the YouTube channels that retrofit Box Trucks or Bread Trucks str8 walls a wood worker could appreciate !!!

  4. @ 12:00 in video Yes you will never see this stuff save time and money / cardboard templates ok 1/4 birch plywood NO NO NO

  5. You also don’t know it yet but you want and need some DC lights in the storage bays under the bed.

  6. Is the wheels jsut under that flimsy plastic wheel housing or are there some insulation in between? If not you should probably do so. The same goes for all the empty space you covered to get above thge water lines etc. The more insulation the better and especially around the water lines. You do not want it to freeze just because the heat from the interior doesn't reach into those areas under everything etc.

  7. the view out the back window of the Airstream / why would you move it LOL @ 8:00 in video

  8. just listen to John Prine' song Grandpa Was A Carpenter and you will see how that works out

  9. that's great progress ! I wonder if there's a weight restriction to the trailer+ inside bits or if you should build with more light weight wood, over here we need special licenses depending on what we're pulling, I have none of those , only car one, so no clue, just wondering if it's heavier it seems will take more power to pull and probably more fuel or batteries in a hybrid car?

  10. You should go to some RV show rooms and look at what’s out there to get some inspiration. I would imagine that there’s got to be at least one somewhere near you.

  11. I would check that bend in the hot pex line above the wheel well. It should be a curve, not an angle like bend.. this will cause problems with water pressure.

  12. It would have been a nice touch to use artificial grass for the dedicated golf club section instead of indoor outdoor carpet.

  13. Just a hint, but the boat-builders I've seen on here use pointed pieces of scrap plywood, fixed to a heavier base with hot glue or brad nails, to template out curves with remarkable accuracy.

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