All The Seeds You Can Start in March!

On this video Luke talks about what seeds to start in March! No matter which growing zone you are in, come along to see what we are currently starting!
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30 Replies to “All The Seeds You Can Start in March!”

  1. Swiss Chard is Beast! I grew a Migardener Pink Swiss Chard and it lasted through the Phoenix summer and is doing amazing right now. Plant it!!!

  2. Hi Luke! Is it OK to have planted basil a couple of weeks ago if you intend on keeping it in a container?

  3. At the time you put this video out, I already have beets, mustard greens, lettuce, and arugula gone to seed. 8b

  4. Is it too cold in Michigan to put up my small Amazon greenhouses??? I'm itching to get planting but I'm afraid to be too early lol

  5. What zone is MIGardener in? I’m sure he has said before, but I’ve never heard it mentioned. I’m guessing somewhere around 5/6?

  6. You need to specify your zone.. my cilantro has already seeded and I'm in zone 8.. You live in the Arctic with like 2 months of growing season

  7. I would totally watch a 3 hour long video on seeds lol. I've started pretty much everything you listed except my lavender and tomatillos but will be starting them tomorrow. Thanks for everything!

  8. Luke with the flowers, is it annuals direct sow after frost but perennials start indoors?

  9. Issue I've been having is that most of the time even for these cold hardy crops, your seed packets say "after last frost". This is confusing because of the videos you make of them. Is that something which you can fix on your packets next time?

  10. Curious about the day night temp difference when direct sowing (i.e. I guess the roller coaster you were talking about)? We are getting into the mid & upper 50's regularly during the day but as low as the low 30's at night … is it still ok to direct sow orcwait another week or two? I.e. early April?

    Yes I know it depends on the crop but thinking generally with the cool weather crops you were talking about?

  11. Is there anything I can plant in a unheated GH in zone 5b? The GH on a sunny day can reach 80- 85 and above. Night time can be below 30.

  12. I did cilantro a couple of years ago … it did fantastic … until my Dad said 'what is that smell? … I can't stand it!' … and ripped it all out while I was at work ????‍♂️.

  13. Heck yeah, subscribed. I've been watching for some time but it's nice to see you active

  14. I'm 60 and allergic to all onion/onion products(1 of the fastest growing alergies) sulfa based problem.
    So far I can still enjoy "softneck" garlic.
    I will be going back over the garlic video's.

  15. 60 degrees outside tomorrow here in Maryland … turning my beds over.

    Seeds for Spring Onions, Bok Choy, Arugula and lettuce going in the week after that. Then about another 2-3 before other crops go in.

  16. I wish i could just throw something in my garden now …. ???? It's under 3-4' of snow! Do you think i could dig down and still plant Cilantro?? Hehe. Jk we will be having a later than usual spring. Geese are already up and confused about the situation!!

  17. -Onions,
    -Cold hardy greens (spinach, kale, mache, lettuce, mustard greens, arugula, etc)
    -Flowers (not flowers that sprout very fast, like lavender and marigold, coneflower, poppy)
    -Cold weather herbs (fennel, cilantro, thyme, sage, parsley, rosemary, not basil)
    -Brassicas (collards, brussel sprouts, cabbage. Keep cauliflower and broccoli inside until the weather has stabilized, about the same time as you plant out your tomatoes)
    -Nightshades (tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, etc inside)
    -Misc. (Radishes, beets, swiss chard, celery, artichokes, asparagus)
    There's lots of others as well, this is just a list for forgetful people 🙂

  18. Great video but I do miss your back garden in the background… although the poly tunnel is great… I did like to compare your garden with mine, as I’m in the uk it was interesting to see the similarities and’s differences. Great content luke thanks ????

  19. I'm in 6a Indiana. Can I start some of those right in the garden now? Like radishes, collards, etc?

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