Almost Done with our Annual Planting Projects: Landscape, Pots & Window Boxes! 🙌🌿💚 // Garden Answer

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16 Replies to “Almost Done with our Annual Planting Projects: Landscape, Pots & Window Boxes! 🙌🌿💚 // Garden Answer”

  1. Did I miss the annual tradition of Aaron and Laura planing the large containers that line the driveway?

  2. Wow! You and your Team have come a long way! You improve every year. I have to say you are at HGTV quality but better because you do what you love and you do it your way which shows!!!! Genuine caring people. Go!!!! Team Laura and Aaron!!!!

  3. 18.00ish Showing us your Japanese Maple – I notice how the top of the trunk appears to be bending over and growing horizontally. Does that mean it will not get any taller than it is now – AND – is that something you chose to do? If so, how AND how do you know when and where (along the length of the trunk) to train it that way? If it's something the tree does naturally – is it a specific kind of Japanese Maple that does this? I have a Bloodgood in a container and just love this look. Mine is still completely vertical at this time.

  4. I have been struggling with my superbells too, i feel better knowing the master struggles with them too.

  5. Just FYI to Canadian viewers, Lee Valley sells the Power Planter auger. It's solid and a dream to use. I love it!

  6. You look cute with your glasses on! 😉
    As always, your artistry with flowers is on point! Great job!

  7. Be still my heart! My colors this year are white, purple with yellow accents The first bed with all the snowdrifts will be spectacular

  8. You talked a bit about the bending down and making the work easy on your back… well I can totally understand!!! I have been gardening about 6 years and at first I was all over the “getting my workout in” mentality however if you want to thank your future self I found that really flexing my rear end and isolation of the gluteus maximus and lower back has helped tremendously. It’s definitely a learned habit to get into. It sounds funny and I really have to make a conscious effort to remind myself “clenched cheeks will save your back for weeks” 😹😹 hope this helps any new or veteran gardeners 😉

  9. Was hoping you would do the same colour combo in the window boxes as last year. It is my favourite.

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