Am I Fluent? | 私、英語ペラペラ? 【英会話06】

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loretta Scott, speaks at the ACTION! Language Academy in Nagoya about how to speak fluent Japanese, English, and other tips to learning language.

Special thanks to Victor for having me at the ACTION! Language Academy in Nagoya:

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Topics in this video: Noam Chomsky, Generative Grammar, Japanese fluency, ノーム・チョムスキー、 英会話

21 Replies to “Am I Fluent? | 私、英語ペラペラ? 【英会話06】”

  1. 4 months later (from my initial comment) I don't know if you'll see this comment but there is something so incredibly important that you stated in this video that has stuck with me since I heard it.

    6:30 you talk about "native speakers know what correct words SOUND like". This is so incredibly true.

    Basically, in November 2019 I left London/U.K to travel to Australia. Obviously Pandemic BS happened and I'm still here. However I am living with a host family in Melbourne. I've learned a lot in the near 2 years I've been here but one thing that's really stood out to me and your video perfectly describes is the "native sound" aspect of English.

    For example, there are many places in Australia/Victoria like: Brighton, Doncaster, Essex, St Pauls, Swanston Street, Park Avenue and so on, but then I hear places like Wagga Wagga, Warragul, Geelong, Kooyongkut Road or Uluru and I'm like "lol WTF". FOr the Aussies that have lived here their entire life, especially caucasian saying aboriginal words but with a level of normalcy is just so funny yet fascinating.

    It really does make a huge impact and hearing you say this on your video is really eye (and ear) opening. It's stuck with me to such a degree I had to come back to this video 4 months later just to leave this comment.

  2. 「英語を学ばないと生きていけない」くらいの強烈なモチベーションを持てないんだよね。。。

  3. This was a very good video. I an am native English speaker and acquired Arabic as a second language. I went through many of the same things you did, and I loved how you explained inate language intuition.

  4. That's an AMAZING perspective you have. I've learned so much from this small video about speaking, and knowing words, and fluency, than I have in my grammar and fluency classes for my native language.

  5. yeah im a native english speaker and for a nice second i was confident in my initial “i feld my clothes yesterday”

  6. wooow….. you really impressed me!!! I am learning japanese in the university and that's was really helpful :)Thanks a lot !!!!!

  7. If you had said that I'd see something about Noam Chomsky today when I woke up I would've said you're full of it.

    This was an amazing presentation. It really made me think critically on how I try to apply the Japanese that I know versus what I've attempted to speak. There's so much to digest in this short video and when I think about how I apply my speech patterns in my native language against how I'd apply it to the Japanese that I'm learning I feel like I'm so far away from being where I want to be with it. However, with this knowledge I'm much closer than I would have been otherwise.

  8. What a fantastic lesson. Thanks a lot, Loretta. Greetings from a Venezuelan fan. 🙂

  9. I would define fluency as being able to convey and receive any information on same or very close intellectual level as I'm able in my native language.

  10. You've got a new sub. Hope to see more articulate, clear and informative videos from you especially in japanese.

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