Amazing!! How this is done!! Repost from @imam118d(TikTok) #yeswelder #shorts #welding #weld #welder

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28 Replies to “Amazing!! How this is done!! Repost from @imam118d(TikTok) #yeswelder #shorts #welding #weld #welder”

  1. Если всё ОЧЕНЬ точно сделать…хороший вариант????????????????

  2. The four chains in each corner keeps the square board in place and centered. The chain in de middle does the work. Just a small observation

  3. c'est du fake parce le point central ne peut pas empêcher la mobiliter des côtés. qu'il fasse une vidéos le tout et non de ses pieds.

  4. Is it convenient for you to give me the size? i want to make a

  5. С этой подставкой можно играть в САМОЕ СЛАБОЕ ЗВЕНО 🙂

  6. The center piece of chain holds the total weight of the top shelf. The four surrounding pieces of chain just don't allow the top shelf to trip over, they keep it in balance.

  7. Out sider 4 chain, useless.
    Only middle chain hold full wain, balance important

  8. That middle chain is adjusting weight and 4 chains are adjusting balance if u see it

  9. Вся эта хреновина держится лишь за счёт центральной цепочки????

  10. Rantai Di tengah sahaja yg menyokong beban.. Dan Rantai 4penjuru sekadar untuk meme gang keswmua posisi agar tidak Terbalik

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