Amazing Saw Guide Part.1

I am prototyping a guide device that uses a hand saw blade.
This video is Part.1 and there is a continuation.

The saw blade used was provided by Gyokucho Sangyo.
The sharpness is excellent, so please try them out!

25 Replies to “Amazing Saw Guide Part.1”

  1. Brilliant work, dude! Fantastic! 😃
    Looking forward to the next part!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  2. Truly sorry for your loss, JSK-Koubou. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

  3. Brillant craftsmanship, as always. One thing though, making a video with 1,2 million subs may count as commercial use of this idea, which is patented by bridge city tools. And YT is based in the US…

  4. Replicating the Bridge City joint maker has been on my 'todo' list for years now – this is a really impressive solution. Can't wait to see the sliding table build

  5. Un gran Proyecto, muy bien ejecutado milimetricamente y limpio, es usted un Gran Maestro de la Ingenieria. Un Cordial saludo desde Zamora ( España )

  6. Aaa… The magnifying glass inside… let's say something. Apparently there is no clue to make something working but there is a great clue in a process of making. Using state of the art accesories. Yummy!

  7. Magnífico proyecto muy bien desarrollado y mejor ejecutado maestro, un trabajo impecable como de costumbre, la limpieza y la precisión milimétrica elevadas al máximo nivel, a la espera de la segunda parte, gracias por compartir tanto ingenió y conocimientos, un saludo cordial y por supuesto un gran like desde Narón (Galicia) 🔝 🤓 🌞

  8. @ 6:41 … no UHMW washers to minimize the friction of the nut from rubbing against the extrusion?

    In Morgan Freemans voice :

    It was at that very moment MrCarters realized he had been watching too many JSK-KOUBOU videos, for far far too long. He then recalled the 13 days day he spent getting a router bit depth to be accurate within 0.00013 of an inch before doing a round over on a push stick handle.

  9. That is a really nice punch too. the precision of your cutting, drilling, machining and assembly is really extraordinary for a mostly DIY-tool shop.

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