American Idol Season 11 in Manila: Phillip Phillips was star

The American Idol Season 11 summer concert tour had its final show, not surprisingly, in the Philippines. It was also the second time in two years that an AI tour found its way into the country. The Philippines was a most logical venue for the Season 11’s closing concert, as the country, as far as the AI is concerned, is almost like an adjunct of the US, especially since at least five Filipino-Americans have made it to the finals of America’s No. 1 reality singing competition.

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  1. Awwww, I love how Phillip mentioned Manila in middle of his performance, Nice and Slow! I love ya Phillip!

  2. PHILLIP is sooo AMAZING! Glad where he is and of what he is now! God Bless you Phillip((:

  3. she is amazing!!! i wasn't able to watch the concert last 21st. but i guess i was the luckiest person last 26th of September to finally meeting her at Power Plant Mall in Makati. it was an advised i got from a colleague that she was seen at a store in Power. Since that mall was a few blocks away from my office, i rushed and took the chance to look for her. luckily i was able to see her, talk to her hugged her so tight like i knew her for a long time. it was priceless and totally hyped about it!

  4. I like everybody but Phillip Phillips is the best. I like all his songs… Good luck kid!!!

  5. At least every body left any bitterness behind and just appreciate all these talents. I am a Jessica fan but Philip deserved to win. Everybody will have a bright future. Thanks to American Idol.

  6. I believe they based the stage design on AI concert specifications. Design's the same throughout the tour.

  7. the ugliest stage I've ever seen! I hope the management will upgrade it. Honestly, its space out.

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